Transform Your RV Experience with Snap-Together Hardwood Deck Tiles: The Ultimate in Portability and Luxury

portable deck

The open road calls to the spirit of adventure that lies within all of us. As RV enthusiasts, we revel in the freedom that our mobile homes on wheels provide. Yet, we often find ourselves longing for that little extra comfort and luxury that transforms a simple camping spot into our private oasis. Enter the …

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What Happens if you Build a Deck Over a Concrete Porch?

Building a deck over a concrete porch or patio can be a great way to enhance the usability and aesthetics of your outdoor space. Here are some considerations, steps, and potential issues to keep in mind: 1. Advantages: 2. Considerations: 3. Steps to Build: 4. Potential Issues: 5. Alternatives: If you’re concerned about potential issues …

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How To Build a Deck Over Concrete

Wood Deck over Concrete

Building a deck over a concrete patio strikes many as a great way to revitalize their backyard. Cover up that old, dirty, cracked concrete slab with the rich, natural beauty of wood; a perfect solution! And it can be…but the reality is that installing a deck over concrete is usually a bad idea. Deck Problems …

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Easy Fix For Porch Leaking Into Basement

DIY waterproof front porch

Years ago, many homes in the Northeast had front porches built directly over the basement foundation. The only thing holding back the cold snowy weather and the rain was 1 inch thick tongue and groove pressure treated porch decking that was painted to seal it from the elements and keep the water out. This is …

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