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Deck Builder Digest: How Deck Builders Can Use Pinterest to Build their Business on Pinterest

Check out how we use Pinterest to inspire and educate!

Pinterest is a social media network that grows extremely popular daily.  The bulk of Pinterest content are images that range from recipes and crafts, to inspirational quotes and design.

With 70 – 80 % of the users being female and the ages of 25 to 34, this is a great, FREE way to promote your services to a new audience. The users on Pinterest are also 70% more likely to spend more money than users referred from other networks. So, before you start your marketing campaign with Pinterest, make sure you follow these great tips to get the most out of this free marketing!

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Deck Builder Digest: How Hardscaping Can Help Your Business Grow!

Decks with Firepits

Adding a fireplace to a deck can make the difference between and OK experience and an incredible one.

When working on a deck project, you always offer add-ons such as shade structures, planter boxes and benches, but have you considered including hardscaping? Most homeowners envision fire pits, pavers, walkways, etc. in their dream backyard because those materials help unify the deck with the outdoors.

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Deck Builder Digest: What to Expect with Large Deck Projects!

Massive projects such as the Secrets Resort in Jamaica can be a challenge.
Massive commercial projects such as the Secrets Resort in Jamaica can be a challenge.

What is Better For Business, Large Deck Projects or Small?

If you want to have a business that flourishes, offering specialized services that your competitors cannot offer is key. So, if you’re a contractor who specializes in deck building, remember there is less competition when bidding on large projects than small ones.  If you settle for bidding on smaller projects, not only will you be faced with the challenges of setting yourself apart, you will also have A LOT more headaches. You will have to juggle multiple projects at once, pull permits, generate HOA letters and material takeoffs, order dumpsters and portable toilets for each job. If you are doing fifty small jobs a year, this is a process that seems never ending!

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Deck Builder Digest: Make More Money with Landscaping Added to Your Services!


You have finished the deck project of your customer’s dreams and it is quality workmanship! What more could they ask for? The answer is easy, a beautiful yard to match the spectacular deck that has been built! So, don’t load up your tools and drive away too quickly!

Offering landscaping to your customers is something that your competition is most likely not doing and will be the perfect finish to your project. Leaving your customers in awe and getting more money for the job is exactly what will happen when you include Landscaping into your services.

First, you need to decide if you would like to work closely with a landscaping contractor and offer their services in with their bids, or you would like to learn about landscape design to offer your own packages.

You could also consider hiring someone with an education in landscape-construction the next time you are looking to add on to your crew! Below are some great reasons your clients will say yes to your landscaping services.

Selling Points:

  • Yard will look manicured and beautiful!
  • The right plants can create privacy!
  • Plants can create windbreak which makes enjoying the deck even easier!
  • Shade for your new deck is a must, especially in the blistering heat of the summer!
  • Once the landscaping is done, there is minimal maintenance.
  • Plants help rain soak into soil preventing mud and providing a cleaner deck!
  • Plants and trees also lower energy costs! Keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter because of natural insulation!
  • Improves the value of your home!

After highlighting these amazing features to your clients and securing your first landscaping job, you need to pick the right plants! If privacy, shade and breaking wind were some of the benefits that caught their eye, make sure to purchase larger plants. Though larger plants are more expensive, it won’t acquire as many to do the job!

Placement is a huge factor when planting. Be aware of what plants thrive in the shade, moisture, sun, etc. Also, make sure to look for plants that require minimal maintenance, do not need a lot of fertilizer and are not heavily browsed by wildlife. This will ensure the plants will last a long time and your customers will rave about their experience with you! Here are some great plants to use that will last year around:

  • Dwarf conifers – provides permanent greenery
  • Small deciduous trees and shrubs such as dogwood – provides spring blooms, fruit and colorful fall leaves
  • Perennial ground plantings – does not require a lot of primping and pruning

Also, remember to make sure the plants used are people-friendly! Watch out for plants with thorns, are bee magnets or have very strong scents! With these tips and tricks, you are sure to have a great way to increase your income yearly!

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Deck Builder Digest: The Tools You Need To Be a Top Contractor


When working on a project, it is crucial to have all of your tools with you in order to get the job done and done well. This is also true when it comes to your craft. If you want to have a successful business, you have to make sure that you have all of the tools to make sure your customers are happy with the end result. Below is a list of qualities that are sure to get you to the top of the ladder! Continue reading