Deck Builder Digest: How Deck Builders Can Use Pinterest to Build their Business on Pinterest
Check out how we use Pinterest to inspire and educate!

Pinterest is a social media network that grows extremely popular daily.  The bulk of Pinterest content are images that range from recipes and crafts, to inspirational quotes and design.

With 70 – 80 % of the users being female and the ages of 25 to 34, this is a great, FREE way to promote your services to a new audience. The users on Pinterest are also 70% more likely to spend more money than users referred from other networks. So, before you start your marketing campaign with Pinterest, make sure you follow these great tips to get the most out of this free marketing!

  • Browse through what is popular (especially in the Outdoor Living category)! This is a great feature Pinterest has available! You can get a look into what users are attracted to and want to see by this feed. Use the popular items to brainstorm on your own product or services. Do you have any photos of projects that are truly one of a kind and unique? Do you have any pins that relate to the pins trending such as design, architecture, etc.?
  • Engage with others! Don’t just post onto your own boards and never interact with users. It won’t work out! Liking and engaging with others will create brand awareness and will also help you when you post interesting content onto your page.
  • BE ORIGINAL! Posting photos that are eye catching and original will be the best way to promote your business! Pinterest users re-pin 80% of all pins posted to the social media network so make sure you take advantage of it!
  • Sharing other user’s content and even writing about it will help you connect with users and fellow deck builders across the country! Make sure you always ask permission before you write a blog about another person’s pin.

Do you currently use Pinterest to build your company’s brand? Have you learned anything that could help your fellow deck builder? Tell us your story and comment below! Follow us on LinkedIn or YouTube for more ways to grow your business!

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  1. Thank you for the insightful post on using Pinterest for deck building businesses! Your tips on leveraging popular trends, engaging with users, and staying original are invaluable. As a deck builder, I appreciate the guidance and look forward to implementing these strategies to enhance my brand on Pinterest.

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