Deck Inspections: Tools You’ll Need

Every building inspector needs the correct tools and safety equipment to properly check decks. Without these tools, they wouldn’t be able to tell if your deck is sound, or if it needs some attention. It’s beneficial for homeowners to have the same tools as these inspectors so they can properly check their deck themselves. While some inspectors carry more than enough tools, homeowners can find what they need around the house.

Some of these tools include:


Flashlight – This is useful especially under decks where limited light is available. Without a flashlight, you’ll have a hard time checking to see the health of the fasteners.

Measuring Tape – Always have one handy to check the distances between bolts and also other crucial areas of the deck.

Ladder – Usually, you only need to use a ladder if your deck is high above ground, or is a second story deck.

Screwdriver – This tool will help you test the wood supports, ledger, girder, and joists to check for any rot or decay. The more the tool penetrates, the further the post has rotted.

Hammer – The hammer is useful to fix or remove and protruding fasteners. It’s also useful to use when checking if any crucial bolt connections are loose.

Safety Glasses – Always have safety glasses on in case of wood debris flying as you inspect for rot or decay.


Level – The level will help you determine if any joists or girders have crowned or need to be fastened back into place.

We always advice you to check your local building codes to use as a guideline when checking your deck.

Always exercise caution when inspecting your deck and rely on your common sense to stay safe. If you believe that areas are not safe, do not stand on it or attempt to inspect it. Instead, hire a licensed inspector to check our deck.

Read more tips on deck safety and inspection. Also, if you have any tips or stories to share of your own, please leave us a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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