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Deck Maintenance & Building

A How-to Guide

Covered Porch made with TigerwoodAre you looking for ways to save on decking? Or, do you just need to find a clear and easy way to remove ice from your wood deck? Building a deck and need to know what tools to use? This section will help you answer your questions and more. From deck maintenance to decking installation, this guide has articles that will give you the answers you need.

Deck Maintenance & Building – How-To:

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18 thoughts on “How To

  1. Ryan Vaughn

    We have an aggregate screened in patio that we loathe. Would your deck tiles work to cover this? Also where do we purchase the tiles at?
    Thank you!

  2. Mary Gibson

    How can I see your decking maintenance products? Many links are defunct. I want your oil for my deck and do you have a brightener?

  3. Phil Sustronk

    do you have any upcoming events in Colorado
    Will you be at the builders show in vegas the febuary

  4. theipeguy

    We do not have any upcoming events in Colorado and at this time we are not planning on Exhibiting this year at the Builders show. Let us know if you have any questions or if there’s something we can do for you.

  5. Stan

    Should I use 4 or 6 inch cumaru (about 10ft clearance underneath)?

    Use hidden fasteners or top screw?

    Live Florida panhandlers. Do not want cupping.

  6. Mr. Ipe Hardwood Post author

    With 10 ft of clearance, you should be fine no matter what you do, but 4 inch boards will resist cupping the best, and I’d suggest using hidden fasteners.

  7. David Rhael

    I would like to build a deck on the roof of an extension to my Brooklyn brownstone. The roof is approximately 17 feet wide an 27 feet deep. The roof has recently been redone. It is slanted from west to East and south to north for drainage, but it is too sharp to be called flat. I wold like to build a post and joist frame to support approximately 450 Ipe deck tiles. 24” X 24”. I would like to use the parapet wall to support the joists as much as possible.

    Do you have any advice or “how to” plans the construct a deck on my roof. Alternatively, can you recommend a Brooklyn area contractor to do the work. Regards, Dave Rhael. 718-789-3531.

  8. Mr. Ipe Hardwood Post author

    About halfway down that page, you’ll find the deck tile pedestals we sell. You can use them to create a level surface for the tiles. At that link you’ll also find links to the installation instructions for both the tiles and the pedestals.

  9. Eric Matyac

    The install with decking link and others on this page are broken I’m looking for some assistance with the first row of deck installation with eBay would do you have a guide?

  10. Taher Elrayes

    I’m looking forward to build a wooden handrail that’s going to be subjected to extreme weather and sunlight if I provide you with the design can you manufacture it for such a thing? And do you supply treated lumber?

  11. Mr. Ipe Hardwood Post author

    We can create custom-milled profiles for the handrail. Give us a call and we can talk about your project: 1-877-232-3915. We do not currently supply treated lumber.

  12. Geoff Snyder

    I intend to put a deck over an existing concrete deck. The concrete perimeter has curves. Can Ipe fascia board be installed around a curved deck?

  13. Mr. Ipe Hardwood Post author

    It’s possible, but it can be really difficult with dense woods like ipe.

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