Deck Safety Tips: Grills & Fire Pits

Before you entertain guests at your next deck party, educating yourself on the importance of fire safety is critical. Did you know that, according to the United State Fire Administration (USFA), in 2012, there were an estimated 5,700 grill fires on residential properties? Knowing how to set your deck up for safety can avoid a …

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Advantage Ipe™ Can Withstand HOW Much Weight?!

On this episode of DeckBusters™, Mike and Emily test Advantage Ipe™ against today’s modern decking options (capstock composite and PVC). You might be surprised to see the results. Then again, if you know anything about the rugged, natural durability of exotic hardwoods, you probably won’t be too shocked. But, how do the latest plastic options …

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Watch the Premiere Episode of DeckBusters™ – Decking Vs. Axe

DeckBusters™ is finally here! Click to watch various decking materials get put to extremely high impact testing. We’ve said that Advantage Ipe™ is tough…but how tough? Click below to watch the surprising results! (Every board we tested was one-inch thick (5/4×6).