What’s the Difference between Nominal and Actual Dimensions?

One of the greatest sources of confusion in the lumber industry is the difference between a board’s nominal dimensions and its actual dimensions. Nominal Dimensions: The Standard Naming Convention Nominal dimensions are the measurements you’re probably used to seeing. They are the names by which lumber is commonly known and sold, found in stores and …

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What Are Board and Lineal Feet?

Woodworking and construction projects require a precise understanding of the fundamental units of measurement in the lumber world: board feet and lineal feet. These units play pivotal roles in estimating and acquiring the right amount of lumber for diverse projects. Board Feet: A Measure of Volume A board foot is a unit of measurement for …

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Synergy Wood® Available Now

Prefinished Synergy Wood® ceiling and siding is now available! These tongue-and-groove end-matched boards come in a variety of attractive colors, and are an easy way to upgrade any space with the rustic beauty of natural wood. Shop for Synergy Wood® now!

Red Balau An Alternative To Ipe

Advantage Lumber now offers Red Balau decking. Red Balau is low-maintenance and durable, with a lifespan of up to 30 years. This, combined with its rich warm brown color, makes it a perfect, low-cost alternative to Ipe decking. Learn more about Red Balau!