Teak Decking Now Available

Advantage Lumber just announced its line of Plantation Teak decking. This is Teak that was grown on eco-friendly plantations, gives you the perfect blend of high-end looks, performance, and environmental consciousness. Learn more about Teak decking!

What Does Ipe Stand For?

Ipe Tree

Ipe is not an abbreviation. Rather, it’s the common name of Tabebuia serratifolia, a tropical hardwood lumber specie. The correct pronunciation is “EE-pay”. Other common names for ipe include Brazilian walnut and ironwood. The ipe tree is native to South America. However, it also grows throughout Mexico, the Caribbean, southern Florida, and other tropical regions. …

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How to Make Your Framing Last as Long as Your Ipe Decking

Deck Framing with Joist Tape

Ipe decking can last up to 75 years with hardly any maintenance. That’s great! But customers often wonder: what about the framing? Deck framing is usually made of pressure treated pine. It’s cheap, easy to install, and readily available. But pressure treated pine is only rated to last about 15 years. So why would you …

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Fake Ipe Wood Decking Alert Issued By The Largest Ipe Wood Supplier In The US, AdvantageLumber.Com®

Sarasota, FL – Feb. 6, 2020 Some composite decking manufacturers are aggressively naming their plastic products “Ipe Wood” or “Brazilian Walnut.” This deceives consumers who want natural wood decking and can cause them to purchase the wrong product. Ipe is a common name for a type of Brazilian hardwood, much as oak is a common …

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Largest Seller Of Ipe Wood Decking Creates $4K Ipe Wood Deck Giveaway

Sarasota, FL – Jan. 22, 2020 AdvantageLumber.com announced today that they have launched a giveaway of over $4,000 worth of Ipe wood decking and accessories. The giveaway includes enough decking material to build a 300 sq.ft. deck, excluding the framing materials. People can register to win on the company’s website at http://giveaway.advantagelumber.com/15015. The winner will be …

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What Does Gray Ipe Look Like?

Gray Ipe Decking

Ipe is an incredible wood, especially for decking. One of the benefits we often mention is the low maintenance requirement. Once it’s installed, you barely have to touch an ipe deck! Virtually the only thing you have to do is oil it every year or so to preserve that rich brown color. Of course, people …

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8 Things to Consider when Planning a Ground-Level Deck

Ground-Level Deck

Ground-level decks are a popular option when designing backyard landscapes. But if you don’t take certain precautions, your dream outdoor living space can quickly become a maintenance nightmare. To ensure you get the most out of your ground-level deck, here are several things to keep in mind during the planning stage. 1. Ground-Level Decks Lack …

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