How Long Do Wood Decks Last? A Comprehensive Guide to Wood Deck Lifespan

Ipe Wood

If you’re planning to build a deck for your home, you’re likely wondering, “how long do wood decks last?” Deck lifespan is an essential factor to consider as it can greatly impact your future maintenance costs and the overall longevity of your investment. In this blog post, we’ll explore the durability of various wood species, …

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Wood Privacy Screens

Outdoor wood privacy screens are an excellent way to enhance privacy and create a stylish boundary in an outdoor living space. When it comes to constructing a wood privacy wall, using wood rips and 1x2s can be a smart choice. This design approach utilizes narrow boards, which helps to minimize wood waste during production and …

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What Does Ipe Stand For?

Ipe Tree

Ipe is not an abbreviation. Rather, it’s the common name of Tabebuia serratifolia, a tropical hardwood lumber specie. The correct pronunciation is “EE-pay”. Other common names for ipe include Brazilian walnut and ironwood. The ipe tree is native to South America. However, it also grows throughout Mexico, the Caribbean, southern Florida, and other tropical regions. …

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Ipe vs. Teak

Most people are familiar with Teak wood, it’s been well known to last outdoors without many of the common issues of softwoods. Since Teak is so well known for it’s exterior durability it has been widely used for outdoor furniture and boat building. This has driven up the demand for Teak which then increases the …

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