Decking Reviews

Decking Reviews

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The following Decking Reviews are organized based on customer feedback and popularity.

NOTE: You won’t find ratings, stars, or other cliched ways to review decking products here. Why?

Well, when it comes to spending thousands of dollars to improve your home or commercial site, it just doesn’t seem right to say, “Hey, this composite decking gets 2 stars!” Besides, many  customers find that Decking Reviews based on the experiences of real people who have spent their time and money building a deck to be much more informative.  When these experiences are backed by facts, then it makes whatever decision you make that more informed, and therefore, safer.

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7 thoughts on “Decking Reviews”

  1. Can the IPE exterior tongue and groove decking be sealed to be waterproof to the area below no water intrusion to enclosed area under (Interior garage space below)

  2. Hi Joey,

    Our t&g profile and wood isn’t made to be waterproof. You could build a regular waterproof area, but use our deck tiles to give the look of wood. Regular decking isn’t recommended since there isn’t enough gap space for air flow.

    If there’s any other questions feel free to give us a call: 1-877-232-3915

  3. This product is incredibly beautiful, I would even consider installing it inside my house. The fact that it is over three times harder (Janka rating) than Teak makes it perfect for any outdoor installation. It really puts standard cedar decking to shame in every aspect – this is something that honestly lives up to that old slogan of “the natural beauty of wood” which I laughed about when I installed my cedar deck some thirty years ago and have been struggling with ever since. The fact that there are some many varies to choose from just makes my head spin,

  4. Where can I find the plans for this build? I have a 21′ above ground swim spa and would love to build this around it.

  5. All of the photos we post are submissions from customers who designed and built the decks themselves, or who hired a third-party contractor to do it for them. Therefore, we can’t provide plans, because we don’t have them. Your best bet is to show the picture to your contractor and tell them you want it to look like that.

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