Stainless Steel Deck Screws with Ipe Decking and Synthetic Materials

Stainless Steel Deck Screws

Decking projects are an investment in both aesthetics and longevity, especially when opting for premium materials like Ipe hardwood or synthetic options such as Trex and TimberTech. While these materials boast impressive durability and beauty, their full potential can only be realized with the right installation components. Among these unsung heroes, stainless steel deck screws …

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Trex Hidden Fasteners: A Comprehensive Guide to a Seamless Deck Build

Trex Glass Railing

When it comes to building a deck, the aesthetics are just as important as the functionality. Traditional deck screws, while effective, can sometimes mar the beauty of a deck with their visible heads. Enter Trex Hidden Fasteners – a game-changer in the decking world. These fasteners provide a clean, seamless look, ensuring that the focus …

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CAMO Hidden Fasteners

CAMO, a brand under National Nail Corp., provides a variety of hidden deck fasteners designed to help create a clean, unblemished look in deck construction. These fasteners are designed to be driven into the sides of deck boards, concealing them from view. Below are some of the CAMO hidden fasteners and related products available: CAMO …

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Deck Safety – Proper Fasteners & Fastener Locations

It is that time of year again.  Old man winter has finally decided to make his annual retreat leaving us with warm days and warmer thoughts.  This month w shake off the sweatshirt and trade it in for a bathing suit.  Before you put the hot coffee down and run out for a cold beer there’s a couple things you should double check.  The thing that may take the spring out of your step the quickest, is a sprained ankle.

May is NADRA’s (North American Deck and Railing Association) “deck safety month” for good reason.  This is the time of year we really start to use our decks often.  Based on data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 6,000 people are injured each year in incidents involving the structural failure or collapse of a deck or porch.  The worst part of these accidents isn’t that they ruin a spring and summer but more that they are preventable with a little bit of forethought and diligence.  You are going to want to make sure that everything is sturdy instead of appearing sturdy.  One of the most common failure points is the ledger.  Here’s a couple things to look for on a ledger.

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Are Metal Joists A Good Idea For Brazilian Decking?

Brazilian Decking like Ipe, Cumaru, or Tigerwood is some of the longest-lasting wood around. Not only do these woods make your deck look absolutely stunning, they also last decades longer than other alternatives. Many customers ask if we recommend an alternative framing material, since they want their framing to last as long as their deck.

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Outdoor Renovation: Deck vs Covered Porch

If you’re like most home owners, you’re looking to invest in creating a small outdoor oasis for your friends and family this summer. With the multitude of options for your backyard, how do you know what’s right for you? Two options that many homeowners consider are decks and porches.

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