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winter deck maintenance

Plan During Winter, Build During Spring

Winter can be the best time to plan out that gorgeous decks you’ve been envisioning. There are quite a few factors to consider when planning the perfect deck, like material, size, style, and add-ons. Planning during winter is a great way to save money as you can begin to quote out all the labor and items needed.
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Why is Deck Ventilation Important?

A lot of people ask how much space they need under their deck, or if extra ground clearance is even necessary. At AdvantageLumber.com, we recommend at least 18 inches of open air under the joists. Anything less is risky. But why?

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Building Smarter Decks is Easy with DeckWise™

AdvantageLumber.com is proud to announce we are a distributor of DeckWise™ decking products.

When the good folks at Ipe Clip® Fastener Company showed us their new brand of decking screws, color-coded gap spacers, and other decking essentials, we knew right away we had to carry them. DeckWise™ offers builders and the do-it-yourself mavens everywhere premium quality decking accessories.

One cool thing about DeckWise™ is how they thought of everything. From the auger tips of the ColorMatch screws, to the overall utility of the Drill & Drive tool kit, each DeckWise product is specifically engineered to make the entire deck building experience faster and more efficient.

Check out the list of available DeckWise products on our decking accessories page. Be sure to check out their site to see more information about DeckWise products.

Do you want to order DeckWise™ products? Contact us directly and we’ll be happy to help you with your order:

Don’t Cover New Decking, EVER! Just don’t, Ok? Really. Don’t.

Don't cover your decking

Doug looks happy now. But he won’t be in a couple of days. When he takes the cover off his decking, it won’t be long until warps, twists, and cupping start to appear.

He didn’t listen to his salesman when he said, “When you receive the decking, set the boards onto some wood blocks and wood stickers to allow for adequate ventilation between boards. Leave the decking uncovered and allow the material to acclimate for 7-10 days.”

Here’s a good video to watch:

Should You Cover Your Decking as It Settles to Your Climate?

No. No tarps. No blankets. No storage units. No garage.

There’s no reason good enough to cover pre-installed deck boards. They don’t need to be warm and snug while they acclimate.

For Pete’s sake, it’s wood! Sections of the Coney Island boardwalk have been in place for over 70 years exposed to sand, sun, rain, snow, salt water, even fire. It’s still standing.

So, if you see your installer cover the decking while they’re not on the job, stop him or her before you end up with cupped or twisted boards.


Is it a good idea to store decking in your garage overnight?

a. Of course it is!
b. I’m afraid of people stealing my wood while I sleep…so yes!
c. Always.
d. No. Never. Not in a million years.

If you answered “d. No. Never. Not in a million years!” you’d be RIGHT!

To ensure your new deck is exactly what you want, please follow the instructions we give you. You’d be shocked to realize that even professional deck installers who are used to composites don’t understand how hardwood needs to be treated prior to installation. To build a better deck, following our simple instructions. In 20 years of helping people across the globe build solid hardwood decks that last.

If you ever have any questions, we encourage you to call us. We want to help you make your deck building experience a great one.

How to Interview a Deck Builder – Questions to Ask

How to Interview a Deck Builder

Find a professional deck builder that can work on time, and with attention to detail.

So, you’re ready to start building a deck. You’ve decided on the decking material, general design, and even the spindles that match your choice of hardwood decking. One problem…

Whenever you open a tool box it’s like reading Latin. It’s dead to you. So, if hiring a deck builder is a no-brainer, how do you find one that will get the job done right?. After all, you could try your hand at this massive home improvement project, but if you’re uncomfortable around table saws, it’s probably best to hire a professional. But what do you look for in a deck builder? What questions must you ask before hiring a deck builder?

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