How To Build a Deck Over Concrete

Wood Deck over Concrete

Building a deck over a concrete patio strikes many as a great way to revitalize their backyard. Cover up that old, dirty, cracked concrete slab with the rich, natural beauty of wood; a perfect solution! And it can be…but the reality is that installing a deck over concrete is usually a bad idea. Deck Problems …

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DIY Deck Installation Tips #4 – Check Local Building Codes

Deck Installation Tips
Uh, oh. It looks like Doug forgot to make sure that his deck was up to code.

From the looks of it, it’s safe to assume that Doug forgot to contact his local building department to check his plans. If he had, he probably wouldn’t look so upset.

To avoid Doug’s fate, it’s important that you know what parts of your deck building plan need to be up to your local building codes.

Here are some critical parts of the deck construction process that you should pay close attention to.

Be sure to inspect and/or repair the following:

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DIY Deck Installation Tips #3 – Prevent Injury on the Job Site

DIY Deck Builing injury
Yikes! Doug, clearly has had issues building a deck.

As you can see, poor Doug has had an accident while cutting his wood decking. Can that guy ever catch a break!? Clearly, great care must always be taken when it comes to building a deck.

“Of course, I knew that already!” is probably the first thought that pops into your head when you read the above sentence.

But, please don’t be like this guy, or Doug:

Man severs thumb in DIY decking accident

It can happen to anyone. The deck tools and accessories you use to build a deck are meant to be treated with respect. So, here are some helpful tips that will give you peace of mind, while also saving a limb, or two:

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DIY Deck Installation Guide – Introducing Doug the DIY Deck Builder

At Advantage Trim & Lumber, we’ve heard it all. For close to 20 years, we’ve gathered stories from people across the country who’ve shared their deck building experiences. 95% of these stories have happy endings, but those remaining 5%? YIKES! Sometimes, what seems like an innocent decision can turn anyone’s deck building plans upside down. …

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