DIY Deck Installation Guide – Introducing Doug the DIY Deck Builder

DIY Deck Building
Introducing Doug, the DIY Deck Builder

At Advantage Trim & Lumber, we’ve heard it all. For close to 20 years, we’ve gathered stories from people across the country who’ve shared their deck building experiences. 95% of these stories have happy endings, but those remaining 5%? YIKES!

Sometimes, what seems like an innocent decision can turn anyone’s deck building plans upside down. Now, don’t get us wrong. We’re also throwing seasoned and experienced deck builders into this pot too. No one is immune to making mistakes. This is why, after hearing so many stories, we’ve decided to throw some humor into the equation.

Introducing Doug, the DIY Deck Builder.

Doug has the best of intentions. But, let’s face it. The dude is dumb as nails. BUT, he’s also a great teacher.

You will learn what NOT to do when building a deck. By increasing your awareness and revealing possible outcomes, you get the chance to build your deck right, the first time.

We encourage you to follow us as we explore his deck building adventure. We’ll be posting new “Doug Tales” periodically and welcome your feedback. If you have any deck building stories you’d like to share, or want people to know what not to do, please use the comment form below. Who knows maybe your story will end up being told by Doug!

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