Composite Marine Decking for Boat Docks

Trex Composite Boat Dock

In the world of marine construction, the choice of decking material plays a crucial role in the longevity, maintenance, and overall aesthetics of boat docks. As technology advances, composite marine decking has become increasingly more popular, revolutionizing the way we think about dock construction. Let’s look at the benefits of using composite marine decking for …

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The Best Wood for Boat Decking

teak boat deck

When it comes to building or refurbishing a boat deck, the choice of wood can make all the difference not only in the deck’s aesthetics but also in its longevity and ease of maintenance. For centuries, seafarers and boat builders have prized certain types of hardwood for their durability and water-resistant qualities. Among these, teak …

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The Best Woods for Water Contact: Durable and Beautiful Choices

When it comes to selecting wood for structures that will be in contact with water, it’s essential to choose a type that can withstand the moisture without deteriorating. Wood that can’t hold up to water will quickly degrade, leading to rot, mold, and structural failure. Fortunately, several types of hardwood are well-suited for water contact …

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What Composite Decking is Best for Docks?

When it comes to building or renovating a dock, the choice of decking material is crucial. Not only should the decking be aesthetically pleasing, but it should also be durable, resistant to the elements, and require minimal maintenance. Composite decking has become a popular choice for docks due to its longevity and low maintenance requirements. …

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What is HDPE Lumber?

HDPE lumber, also known as high-density polyethylene lumber, is a type of plastic lumber made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resin. Our HDPE lumber is sourced from post-consumer and post-industrial sources, like milk jugs and laundry detergent bottles. This makes our HDPE plastic lumber not only high-performing but environmentally-friendly as well. It is a highly durable …

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What’s The Best Wood for Boat Docks?

Wood Boat Dock

If you are looking to build or rebuild a boat dock you want the most durable wood that will last a lifetime with very little maintenance. A boat dock see’s some incredibly harsh conditions since they are so close to the water they are typically getting abuse from waves and are often constantly saturated with …

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