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Refinishing All Decks, Even Composites

Refinishing is a tradition that all deck owners know well. Whether its pressure treated, cedar, redwood, pine, or any other type of softwood, usually every year in the spring time a proper cleaning and refinishing is necessary to restore its former beauty.
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Decking Reviews – Compare Composite & Wood Deck Materials

Ipe wood decking

Genuine wood decking creates a sanctuary you won't soon forget.

If you found this blog post searching for “Decking Reviews”, congratulations! You’re right to do your research. You might have even read some negative feedback or heard a lot of marketing hype from both hardwood and composite decking companies. Hopefully, this post clears the confusion about which direction to go in and what material to choose for your specific project.

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Looking to Build a Deck? Now is the time!

ipe-deck2Now more than ever, homeowners are looking at their home and thinking,

“With the housing market the way it is, we may be at this home for much longer than we thought. Is now the time to build a deck or do a room addition?”

In short, the answer may be “Yes!”

After all, if you are choosing rethink the length in which you and your family will occupy their home, then why not make the most of your time there?

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Ipe Decking Costs Less than Composite Decking

ipe-deckingGREAT NEWS! Ipe decking is now more affordable than most composite decking. For a while, this was not the case. However, since the price of oil is so volatile, the cost of composite decking materials have risen substantially.

Why is this the case?

Because composite decking uses polyethylene and polyethylene is made from oil. So, there’s no getting around it, because composite decking has a core ingredient that is tied to such a volatile commodity, anyone looking to build a deck with composite decking may have to spend a lot more than their budget calls for. A lot more!

What do you do now?

It’s time to consider ipe decking. Simply put, when you do a apples to apples comparison, ipe is far superior to composite decking.

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Ipe Decking is Safer than Composite Decking

Many people settle for composite decking due to the fact that composite wood and materials are cheaper than more high-quality exotic hardwoods like ipe. However, while the cost may be appealing, the long term viability of the materials is suspect at best. If you do a simple Google search for “composite decking complaints” or “composite decking lawsuit” you will see that, while people and businesses may have saved some money initially, they took a great risk in choosing an inferior product.

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