Deck Builder Digest: The Tools You Need To Be a Top Contractor


When working on a project, it is crucial to have all of your tools with you in order to get the job done and done well. This is also true when it comes to your craft. If you want to have a successful business, you have to make sure that you have all of the tools to make sure your customers are happy with the end result. Below is a list of qualities that are sure to get you to the top of the ladder!

Professional Behavior

From driving in the company truck, to what you post on the internet, to answering phone calls, prospective and current customers are judging your every move. So, it is vital that when you are acting as the face of the company, you are acting professionally.

  • If you, or one of your crew are driving the company truck, don’t drive recklessly and be aware of others.
  • Always make sure when posting anything on social media, your website or any other marketing materials, you proofread everything.
  • Post professional topics on social media platforms and don’t post anything that could be controversial.
  • When answering the phones for your company, make sure that you do not have noise in the background. Also, make sure you are using proper phone etiquette such as “yes sir” or “yes ma’am” and “please hold”, etc. If you do not apply these practices and a customer calls, they will not take your company seriously and you most likely will lose their business.
  • If you get the opportunity to bid on a project, make sure you arrive on time, prepared and dressed nicely.

Sure, some of these tips might be no-brainers. But, remember that if you stand out amongst the crowd as a true professional, you and your company will be remembered in a greater light.

Importance of Trust

It is not unusual for a prospective customer to get bids from competitors. When receiving the proposals, they are often not able to distinguish any real difference between them; so they go with the contractor they believe they can trust the most.  You can gain this trust by being professional and offering good pricing, but you can also gain trust by word of mouth! People are much more likely to trust a contractor, nanny, mechanic, etc. when family and friends refer them. So, make sure to keep that in mind! When a customer compliments your work, don’t be scared to ask if they know of anyone else who might be in need of your services.


It is crucial to make sure that you prove to your prospects that you are a confident and educated contractor.  Making sure that you stay on top of your craft and continue to stay up to date with the latest trends is vital. Your customers have the ability to go onto their smart phones or computer and find any question they have on the internet, so you want to show them that you do know your stuff! Always have an explanation as to why you don’t want to use certain products and be a problem solver when it comes to prospect’s concerns on a project. Do not ever talk about what you don’t know; it does not come off as a professional and could cost you the job. Instead, tell the customer that you will investigate the answer and get back to them in a reasonable amount of time.

Quality Experience

So, let’s say that after being the best contractor on the block you get the job; congratulations! But it’s just the beginning. The whole process must run as smoothly as possible to ensure having your satisfied customer raves about your work and passes on your name to family and friends. So, from the suppliers, subcontractors and employees, it is important to know that you only expect the highest level of professionalism and to show respect and be polite to your customers and their home.  Remember these important tips when working on a job site:

  • Always have dumpsters and portable toilets of site.
  • Smokers need to have designated smoking areas. They need to dispose of the cigarettes correctly, not in the homeowner’s yard.
  • Do not park in customers driveways as it is an inconvenience for the customer and in case the vehicle leaks oil, etc.
  • Be careful if you are unloading or working around landscape.
  • Start on time and stay focused on the job.
  • Do not wait on others to get started; if your subs or employees are running late, do not let that hold you up. Work on something in the meantime so the project does not suffer and the job is delayed.
  • Always communicate with the customer so they are aware of the process and what has been done and still needs to be done. Keeping constant contact will help keep the customer happy and help avoid any problems.
  • If you hire a team, make sure they are respectful to the homeowner and anyone else who lives in the family (this goes for pets, too!).
  • While working to music is usually not an issue, be mindful that the people living in the home might not want to hear loud and offensive music. Even if it’s OK with the customer, think of the prospective client next door who is also judging you and your work.

Quality Workmanship

Without this skill, the likelihood of your business growing is not large. The core of any contracting business is quality workmanship. Have a good attitude, care about your customers, and your work, and always have good follow through. Producing work that is better than your competitors will clearly get you more jobs! If you do not take pride in your work, your business will unfortunately not be successful because eventually, word will get out.

Bring All Your Tools to Every Job You Do!

Make sure your business tool box is full at every job site! If you follow these tips, you are sure to have customers who believe in you and your services! Follow us on Houzz and LinkedIn for more how-to tips and tricks to help you with any of your decking needs!

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