Tigertail Beach Boardwalk

Advantage Lumber prides itself in supplying high quality, responsibly harvested material to builders and contractors of high-end projects. One such project was the Tigertail Beach boardwalk at Marco Island, FL. The previous boardwalk was an absolute mess, filled with cracks and a slip and fall safety hazard. Because the local government decided to change it, the contractor immediately thought of Ipe as the best alternative to the issues that were plaguing the Tigertail Beach boardwalk.

Ipe has many qualities that make it the perfect wood for an outdoor boardwalk. This wood has an outstanding, 75 year lifespan coupled with resistance to decay, mold, mildew, rot, and termites. For every beach community, the hot climates and ocean moisture can wreak havoc on common softwoods and even some hardwoods. Ipe on the other hand, is able to stand up to all these elements without constant maintenance.

Listen to why Ipe was chosen for this beach boardwalk by the builder himself. Ipe has been used worldwide in a variety of applications. And if you’re wondering if it is good for your home, remember the Tigertail Beach boardwalk at Marco Island, FL.

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