Breathtaking Penthouse Ipe Deck atop Ocean Drive in Miami, FL

Miami Beach is world renowned for its weather, warm water, and clear sandy beaches. At the very edge of the iconic Ocean Drive, where the sand meets the streets, lies the most beautiful penthouse in all of Miami. This Penthouse has an outdoor Jacuzzi and dining area that overlooks the majestic Atlantic Ocean, completing everything that you’d expect from Miami.

For an area of this richness, materials had to be carefully chosen for their durability, stability, but most importantly, for their beauty. Ipe was the perfect material for the penthouse because of the many characteristics that it possesses.

In Miami, the humid and hot summers coupled with the unpredictable rain patterns of its tropical environments have a drastic effect on wood material.

Common softwoods, such as pine or oak will begin decaying quickly in these weather conditions, which leads to the need of constant sanding, sealing, and staining to retain its structural integrity.

Ipe, on the other hand, is the densest, strongest, and hardest wood available, and does not require the maintenance of other decking materials. So, if you’re wondering what wood decking to use for your new deck, then Ipe is a dependable choice. Not only will Ipe last you for over 75 years, but its beauty is extremely easy to maintain.

Elegance and endurance were the main qualities that attracted the designer to choose Ipe. After watching this video, it’s easy to see how the beauty and characteristics of Ipe are unmatched. Call or visit today to order this beautiful hardwood for your special project.

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