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Get Ready for Decking Season with AdvantageLumber.com

Spring is sweeping across the country, and before long you’ll be enjoying balmy summer evenings in your backyard. Now’s the time to upgrade your outdoor living space.

Home improvement spending across the U.S. has risen dramatically. Since the 2008 financial collapse, the industry has been on a steady recovery, and Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies predicts this growth will continue through 2014. Already, home improvement spending is estimated at $144.7 billion, up from $127 billion this time last year. That kind of cash brings outdoor renovations in line with bathroom and kitchen remodeling. It seems everyone agrees: the time to build the deck of your dreams is now, and AdvantageLumber.com is ready to help.

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The Future of Decking…Is it Man-Made?

Plastic decking

Plastic decking made to look like weathered wood.

I have seen the future of decking….and it is not plastic.

From looking over many of the exhibits at the International Builders Show in Orlando, FL, it was apparent there are a ton of composite decking companies there. There were the familiar names and a bunch from overseas countries like China. Despite the elaborate displays and fancy marketing materials, I can’t tell you how many times I overheard people going up to various reps and asking the same questions:

  • How does this compare to real hardwood like Ipe?
  • I heard about recalls due to mold, peeling and cracking? Why is your stuff different?
  • What chemicals do you use to ensure this stuff doesn’t fade like you claim?

Clearly, people have been doing their homework on these decking materials. With the shaky record composites have, it’s understandable that people are growing more skeptical about the claims of low maintenance.

Faded wood decking

Left to mature gracefully, this ipe deck hasn't checked, split, or warped.

Each time, I overheard rep after rep stumbling through the exact same answers. Saying that a product is “just better” because it’s recycled isn’t a real answer. Similarly, saying that you can’t disclose what chemicals are used within the plastic just doesn’t fly especially when you remember all the news of recalls and tainting that are currently plaguing many foreign made building products. However, the most glaring problem about these options is the plain and simple fact that composite and PVC decking looks plastic. There’s no mistaking it.

Despite the many attempts to mimic the look of authentic wood decking one thing is clear, you can’t fool the eye. And, if you’re going to claim that your product improves on mother nature, you better be sure it can handle whatever mother nature throws at it! As you can see from the picture about, that ipe deck lining the beach has been in place for years. It withstands the daily pressures of sun, rain, daily traffic, wind, sand, and every conceivable element you can think of. As you can see, it’s been holding up nicely. Contrast that with the composite decking reviews you read online and the pictures to back it up. Given the past performance of composite decking, the future doesn’t look too promising.

Have you replaced your composite deck? Are you considering building a new deck in the future? What are you looking for out of a deck material? Tell us your thoughts below…

Top 5 Reasons Why Wood Patios are Naturally Beautiful & Dependable

Wood Patio

This wood patio made of ipe decking will last well over 100 years.

When you spend money to renovate and improve your home’s exterior by building a patio, what is on your short list of needs?

  1. A dependable patio building material?
  2. An eco-friendly wood?
  3. Wood that you won’t have to replace every few years?
  4. How about something that looks really, really good?
  5. Choosing the best wood patio material at the best price?

Those are pretty reasonable requests. There are many wood and composite patio materials in the market which say that they answer all those questions. However, since you’ve done your research, you already know that composite materials have way too many issues (let alone recalls) to even be a viable choice. This leaves solid hard wood decking. As a patio material a patio made of hardwood is going to provide you with: Continue reading

Decking Reviews – Compare Composite & Wood Deck Materials

Ipe wood decking

Genuine wood decking creates a sanctuary you won't soon forget.

If you found this blog post searching for “Decking Reviews”, congratulations! You’re right to do your research. You might have even read some negative feedback or heard a lot of marketing hype from both hardwood and composite decking companies. Hopefully, this post clears the confusion about which direction to go in and what material to choose for your specific project.

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Is Wood Decking Right for You?

There’s a ton of misleading information out there about the best decking on the market. It’s getting harder and harder to decipher the truth from mere marketing and fancy packaging.

Hardwood Decking featuring

Hardwoods like Ipe are grabbing the attention of homeowners and designers throughout the world.

It’s because of this confusion that people are turning back to materials that are proven to stand the test of time. Hardwood decking is, once again, rising in overall popularity and can be seen in many of today’s finest green building projects.

“But, wait just one second! You’re a hardwood decking company! Why should I believe you, over the composite decking that is made of recycled materials? Isn’t that more eco-friendly?”

I hear what you’re saying. However, if you read through this blog, you’ll discover that there are some pretty practical reasons why we sell both domestic and exotic deck materials and stray from composites, PVC and other chemically altered wood materials.

If you do research into “composite decking recalls” you’ll see that there have been a ton of problems related to this relatively new product. The main problem stems from these companies over promising and under delivering.

Hardwood decking on the other hand? It’s been thoroughly tested and scientifically proven to last. There’s a reason why many of the world’s finest resorts, hotels, and boardwalks feature hardwoods like ipe, cumaru, tigerwood, and garapa. They last, look good, and can take a pounding if necessary.

Look, no one expects you to call us right now to order a pallet of ipe decking. But if you’re someone who appreciates the finer things in life, it simply makes no sense to settle for what is on the label instead of taking a good hard look at what’s in the box.

When you’re ready to buy exotic hardwood that is proven to meet your expectations, check out Advantage Trim & Lumber and buy wood decking online. You can shop for hardwood at your convenice, or you can call us directly and order over the phone. Either way, you’ll be working with hardwood decking that will add value to your home and your quality of life.