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Get Ready for Decking Season with AdvantageLumber.com

Spring is sweeping across the country, and before long you’ll be enjoying balmy summer evenings in your backyard. Now’s the time to upgrade your outdoor living space.

Home improvement spending across the U.S. has risen dramatically. Since the 2008 financial collapse, the industry has been on a steady recovery, and Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies predicts this growth will continue through 2014. Already, home improvement spending is estimated at $144.7 billion, up from $127 billion this time last year. That kind of cash brings outdoor renovations in line with bathroom and kitchen remodeling. It seems everyone agrees: the time to build the deck of your dreams is now, and AdvantageLumber.com is ready to help.

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What’s the Best Decking Material to Build with in 2011?

Best Decking Material

Owning this view is more affordable with Cumaru decking.

Spring is finally here. The morning air is more welcoming. And, the memory of shoveling snow is fading.

If you’ve been inspired and are thinking of extending your outdoor living area with a new deck, you are not alone! Thousands of deck remodels and new builds are being planned by hard working professionals and DIY homeowners alike. And, the first question everyone is asking this Spring?

What is the best decking material?

In previous years, both Ipe and composite decking competed for “best-in-class” status. However, with demand skyrocketing, so are decking prices.

While Advantage Trim & Lumber offers the lowest Ipe prices in the market, it’s important to know that Cumaru wood has a greater return on investment plus the same qualities as Ipe.

How does Cumaru compare to Ipe in terms of performance? Simply put, if Ipe is a Lamborghini, Cumaru is a Ferrari.

Don’t worry. You won’t have to pay nearly as much for your Cumaru deck. Given all the benefits, you’ll be happy to know that a Cumaru deck is very budget-friendly. For more info on Cumaru as well as prices, check out our Cumaru decking page. In addition to learning about its strength and resistance benefits, you’ll also find:

Building the deck you deserve shouldn’t mean you have to go over budget. Now, you can build your very own outdoor retreat with one of the best decking materials without having to sweat how you’ll pay for it.

If you want a custom quote on Cumaru wood decking, call us today.

Pool Decking Options

Brazilian Cumaru Pool Decking
Exotic woods like Cumaru are great for pool decking.

If you’re looking for pool decking, hardwoods offer excellent benefits that will keep you, your guests, and children safe.

Many times, people who settle for plastic decking have to pay extra attention to the decking that surrounds their pool. It’s not hard to imagine that wet plastic composite decking could act more like a “slip and slide” than a safe-to-grip surface you can depend on. Even pressure treated decking is a inferior option. When you factor in the chemicals used to make the material, plus the fact that splits and cracks are fast to appear on the surface, softer woods like pressure treated pine are not the best for families.

So, what makes exotic wood decking a better option?

Hardwoods like Cumaru (pictured above) and Tigerwood are reliable hardwoods to put around your pool for a number of factors:

  1. They are dense materials that are sturdy enough to handle being exposed to pool water
  2. Fast-drying material that is also naturally slip resistant
  3. Resistance to mold, decay extends the look and life of the hardwood pool deck
  4. Durable decking materials also resist checks and splits
  5. When treated with a deck oil like Ipe Oil™ or Messmers, you get added water repellency

NOTE: Be sure to allow your wood decking to acclimate to your local climate prior to installation. Once your material has settled and is at the appropriate moisture content, you can proceed with installation.

If you want to learn more about what exotic hardwoods like Cumaru and Tigerwood have to offer, feel free to give us a call: 1-877-232-3915

Green Decking Options – 5 Things You Need to Know

Tigerwood is a green decking option.

A Tigerwood deck highlights how wood decking is beautiful, versatile, & eco-friendly.

These days, being green and using eco-friendly products is more than a trend. Our whole economy is starting to recognize and value materials and items that have been manufactured and/or promote a healthy, green, and eco-savvy lifestyle. Even the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has shown us that there can be a heavy price to pay when we rely too much on environmentally problematic and damaging resources and materials.

What does this have to do with wood decking?

Well, there is a huge marketing push led by composite decking companies to cast all wood decking as non-eco-friendly. These companies want you to believe that all wood decking comes from illegal logging and that it decimates the world’s forests. Here’s the truth, as an FSC certified lumber supplier, the wood decking that we sell here at Advantage comes from eco-friendly forestry practices.

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7 Reasons to Buy Wood Decking

Hard wood decking

Genuine wood decking produces spectacular structures you can depend on.

Wood decking is the best material to use for garden and outdoor decks. Period. Case closed…

Not buying it, are you? Are you still thinking that composite decking is a viable and better choice? After all, it IS “eco-friendly” and “maintenance free”, right? What makes wood decking any better?

Here are 10 Reasons why Wood Decking species like Tigerwood, Cumaru, Garapa and Ipe are better choices for your deck:

  1. Why settle for the “look of real wood” when you can get the real thing? Nothing beats the feeling of knowing that your real wood deck is 100% genuine. Most species have such a distinct look that you now see composites coming out with “tropical looking” decks. If you wanted to buy a Mercedes and the dealer showed you something that looked like a Mercedes, would you buy the imitation? Probably not.
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Ipe Deck Boards Up To 20 Feet In Stock!

At AdvantageLumber.com we carry Tigerwood, Cumaru, Garapa, Massaranduba, and Ipe deck boards up to a length of 20 feet!

What is the advantage of buying 20 foot deck boards?

We carry this length of deck board so that extremely large decks, or decks that are designed diagonally can be installed without having to worry about cupping. Also, for more high-end decks, the lack of seams is also a major reason why people buy 20 ft decking.

We offer varying lengths of exotic wood deck boards in the following profiles:

  • E4E S4S (Eased 4 Edges Surface 4 Sides)
  • Pre-grooved decking
  • Tongue & Groove decking

Contact Advantage Lumber for all your wood decking needs. Even if you just need some 1x4x10 ipe, you can rest easy knowing that you’re buying premium grade decking at prices that can’t be beat.