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Impressive Pool Deck Remodel with 2×4 Advantage Cumaru™

The most common area of a home that needs the most attention is the area surrounding a pool. Pools are a fun and perfect way to relax and have fun during the summer. But the water and constant sunlight can take a toll on materials very quickly. Finding, let alone choosing the correct material, can be a daunting experience, especially if all you are able to find are cold plastics or lifeless concrete. This homeowner found natural Cumaru to be the ideal material to surround his pool with.

Cumaru is the closest natural wood to Ipe with all of its attributes but at a much lower cost.  Cumaru also features light brown and red colors that contrast well with the clear water of any pool. If versatility and beauty aren’t reasons enough to choose Cumaru, you can feel safe knowing that Cumaru has great anti-slip properties that make it ideal where kids and family often run around.

All of these wonderful qualities inclined this homeowner to choose our Cumaru decking for his pool. Hear from the home owner about all of the fun that this deck has brought and how Cumaru has stood up to the many uses that it has been put through.

Pool Decking Options

Brazilian Cumaru Pool Decking
Exotic woods like Cumaru are great for pool decking.

If you’re looking for pool decking, hardwoods offer excellent benefits that will keep you, your guests, and children safe.

Many times, people who settle for plastic decking have to pay extra attention to the decking that surrounds their pool. It’s not hard to imagine that wet plastic composite decking could act more like a “slip and slide” than a safe-to-grip surface you can depend on. Even pressure treated decking is a inferior option. When you factor in the chemicals used to make the material, plus the fact that splits and cracks are fast to appear on the surface, softer woods like pressure treated pine are not the best for families.

So, what makes exotic wood decking a better option?

Hardwoods like Cumaru (pictured above) and Tigerwood are reliable hardwoods to put around your pool for a number of factors:

  1. They are dense materials that are sturdy enough to handle being exposed to pool water
  2. Fast-drying material that is also naturally slip resistant
  3. Resistance to mold, decay extends the look and life of the hardwood pool deck
  4. Durable decking materials also resist checks and splits
  5. When treated with a deck oil like Ipe Oil™ or Messmers, you get added water repellency

NOTE: Be sure to allow your wood decking to acclimate to your local climate prior to installation. Once your material has settled and is at the appropriate moisture content, you can proceed with installation.

If you want to learn more about what exotic hardwoods like Cumaru and Tigerwood have to offer, feel free to give us a call: 1-877-232-3915