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Looking for Cost-Effective Exotic Hardwood Decking? Check Out Tigerwood

The alluring pictures of beautiful decks and other outdoor retreats have driven many homeowners to rethink and remodel their outdoor spaces in order to create the ideal escape within their own backyard.

The pictures show an idyllic retreat made with beautiful, uniform wood. Typically, the woods used in the pictures resemble the look of Ipe and more often than not, it is Ipe. The bad news is that Ipe is an expensive wood but lucky for you, there are other equally beautiful alternatives like Tigerwood.


Unlike many of the woods that are uniform and may make many decks very similar in appearance, Tigerwood is a lot more unique in character and grain pattern. Tigerwood decking is the very definition of exotic with dark streaks lining the boards that provide an amazing contrast to the grain colors that range from light-brown to orange. You can see the look for yourself here:

The most important thing, and the reason why you’re reading this, is that Tigerwood gives you an amazing value for the money! For many, Ipe is an excess, a luxury that comes at a steep price for a 75+ year lifespan that you may not even really need.

Tigerwood on the other hand, offers a more modest lifespan of 30+ years, but it’s a lifespan that’s much longer than most other “typical” decking woods or synthetic materials and still provides a unique and exotic beauty not found in any other decking product.

Tigerwood Decking
Tigerwood Decking

This lifespan is sufficient for most homeowners that have lived in their house for many years, or those tired of replacing the same old pressure treated or redwood every 5 years, or simply for people looking to resell their home later down the line. After all, an exotic hardwood deck significantly raises the value of a home.

Amazingly, despite the much lower price of Tigerwood when compared to Ipe, it still retains all the wonderful properties of an exotic Brazilian species such as rot resistance, bug resistance, mold and fungus resistance, and slip resistance. Strength wise, it’s about 3x harder than your typical decking woods and almost 4x as hard as Redwood or Cedar!

It’s easy to get lost in the mesmerizing beauty of pictures in magazines, but instead of being dissuaded by the cost of woods like Ipe, look for alternatives that’ll give you the best value for your money while still maintaining the properties of an exotic Brazilian hardwood.

Contractor Corner: OC Deck & Patio

This month we’re featuring OC Deck & Patio, a contractor based in San Clemente, CA where a lot of coastal-contemporary-style homeowners are remodeling their backyards and building new decks! OC Deck & Patio has been featured on our website and YouTube pages before because of their impressive work with our products.

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Get Ready for Decking Season with AdvantageLumber.com

Spring is sweeping across the country, and before long you’ll be enjoying balmy summer evenings in your backyard. Now’s the time to upgrade your outdoor living space.

Home improvement spending across the U.S. has risen dramatically. Since the 2008 financial collapse, the industry has been on a steady recovery, and Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies predicts this growth will continue through 2014. Already, home improvement spending is estimated at $144.7 billion, up from $127 billion this time last year. That kind of cash brings outdoor renovations in line with bathroom and kitchen remodeling. It seems everyone agrees: the time to build the deck of your dreams is now, and AdvantageLumber.com is ready to help.

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Tigerwood Decking – Durability with Smoking Hot Good Looks


Tigerwood creates an outdoor space you'll want to show off.

Let’s be honest. That is one awesome looking deck. We get pictures like the one above from satisfied homeowners every day. The people who send us these pics tell us that after they installed the Tigerwood decking they bought from Advantage that neighbors who never even said so much as a “Hello” all of a sudden say things like, “Wow. What kind of wood is that!?” and “That is one nice looking deck. Great job on the build!” The rusty browns and black mottled streaks of Tigerwood create a space you won’t want to step away from. It’s density also gives it properties that make it last well over 25 years. Mold and decay resistance give you exceptional structural integrity. For kids, the fact that Tigerwood is really hard to scratch or splinter means that bare feet will be safe. Oh, and when it rains? Tigerwood dries fast and thanks to reliable slip resistance. Oh, and those looks!

Why settle for the decking that advertises that says it “looks just like” something when you can have the real thing? Continue reading

Green Decking Options – 5 Things You Need to Know

Tigerwood is a green decking option.

A Tigerwood deck highlights how wood decking is beautiful, versatile, & eco-friendly.

These days, being green and using eco-friendly products is more than a trend. Our whole economy is starting to recognize and value materials and items that have been manufactured and/or promote a healthy, green, and eco-savvy lifestyle. Even the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has shown us that there can be a heavy price to pay when we rely too much on environmentally problematic and damaging resources and materials.

What does this have to do with wood decking?

Well, there is a huge marketing push led by composite decking companies to cast all wood decking as non-eco-friendly. These companies want you to believe that all wood decking comes from illegal logging and that it decimates the world’s forests. Here’s the truth, as an FSC certified lumber supplier, the wood decking that we sell here at Advantage comes from eco-friendly forestry practices.

Here are 5 things you need to know about Green Decking: Continue reading

7 Reasons to Buy Wood Decking

Hard wood decking

Genuine wood decking produces spectacular structures you can depend on.

Wood decking is the best material to use for garden and outdoor decks. Period. Case closed…

Not buying it, are you? Are you still thinking that composite decking is a viable and better choice? After all, it IS “eco-friendly” and “maintenance free”, right? What makes wood decking any better?

Here are 10 Reasons why Wood Decking species like Tigerwood, Cumaru, Garapa and Ipe are better choices for your deck:

  1. Why settle for the “look of real wood” when you can get the real thing? Nothing beats the feeling of knowing that your real wood deck is 100% genuine. Most species have such a distinct look that you now see composites coming out with “tropical looking” decks. If you wanted to buy a Mercedes and the dealer showed you something that looked like a Mercedes, would you buy the imitation? Probably not.
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5 Simple Ways to Save When You Buy Decking

How to Buy Wood Decking

The research this homeowner did prior to buying Ipe has paid off.

It’s almost Summer and thousands of homeowners across the country are getting ready to start working on their deck. Some will be remodeling and many will be building a deck for the first time. But, before hammer goes to nail, the question you must answer is, “What kind of material is best for decking?”

Should you go with real wood decking, or composite “wood” decking? Regular readers of this blog already know the limitations and problems that plague composite deck materials. Let’s face it; if plastic decking were so good, wood decking would be obsolete. But, because of the documented issues that both composite and PVC decking face, many people are opting for real wood deck materials.

So, let’s say that you chose to buy wood decking. What material should you choose, and what pitfalls are to be avoided when buying decking?

Here are 5 Ways to Save Money When You Buy Decking: Continue reading