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Incredible Patio Remodeling Project Using Advantage Ipe™ Siding & Tiles

A patio is your home away from home. It’s a place to escape where all the worries and stress of everyday life melt away. The perfect way to turn your patio into this get away is to use hardwood. Wood has a beautiful welcoming feel that relaxes and comforts. This characteristic is embedded into our Ipe wood, which made it the reason why a Florida homeowner chose it for her patio remodel.

Ipe was used in every aspect of this patio remodeling, which featured creative applications such as benches, showers, and wall sidings. Its mechanical specifications came into consideration since Ipe has a 75 year lifespan and strong resistance to mold, decay, rot, and termites. These features became extremely important because it was used for a fully functional outdoor shower. The water coupled with its vapor would warp and possibly rot other species of wood, but not Ipe.

All the creative and unique features that this project encompasses could only be accomplished with Ipe. The resort style bench, shower, and siding needed the characteristics that only Ipe provides. Choose Advantage Ipe™ like this homeowner did, to build the patio of your dreams without breaking the piggy bank.

Deck Tile Sale is Happening Now!

Deck Tiles Sale is Happening Right Now! Save up to 20%!

Are you waiting for the perfect time to purchase your new decking materials? Well, the perfect time is now! Our hardwood deck tiles are on sale! You can finally create that carefree, cozy, outdoor space you’ve been dying to have. These tiles are easy to install on patios, rooftops and balconies. Why settle for the look of old concrete when you can have the look of real, natural hardwoods? If you can’t give yourself a good reason, then now’s the time to invest in reinvigorating your outdoor life.

Order today and save up to 20%! We even ship deck tiles worldwide! So, don’t wait any longer; this unbelievable deal won’t last long!

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Advantage Ipe™ Deck Tile Installation on a Balcony or Terrace

Just how easy is it to install Advantage Ipe deck tiles? Watch this video and see you can turn a large balcony into an attractive deck in just one afternoon:

Renovating your outdoor space doesn’t have to be a hassle! You can get the beautiful outdoor oasis of your dreams much easier than you think. With Advantage Deck Tiles, installation is quick, easy and inexpensive! In fact, it is so simple that you can transform your old concrete patio or rooftop deck in a matter of hours!

If you’re like me, then constant deck maintenance does not excite you one bit. That’s what is so great about Ipe deck tiles. They are very low maintenance with a lifespan of over 75 years, so you can install and relax! They are even resilient to decay and mold. No muss, no fuss!

The dark walnut color of Ipe will match effortlessly to any outdoor space, whatever your style may be. Your friends will be green with envy when they see how much better your deck looks than theirs. Buy Advantage Ipe™ Deck Tiles online or call 1-877-232-3915 to get your free quote.

Advantage Cumaru™ Deck Tiles – A True Alternative to Smaller Teak Tiles

Advantage Cumaru™ Deck Tiles Boast a Lush Array of Colors

Advantage Cumaru™ Deck Tiles Boast a Lush Array of Colors

I know you’ve probably been tempted to purchase those little wood tiles to make a quick fix to the eye sore you call your backyard. You know, the ones found at those big name stores filled with products that will last maybe a year (If you’re lucky!). Well if you bought them, I’m really quite sorry. But it’s not too late to fix that mistake before those flimsy tiles start breaking on you and you become really frustrated.

The solution to your predicament is Cumaru deck tiles from Nearly the strength and stability of Ipe deck tiles, our Cumaru tiles come with a very convenient price. Not to mention, the golden to red amber colors of our sustainably harvested Cumaru is completely stunning. They make any and every outdoor space shine.

Once you’re done installing, you will never want to leave your new patio! You can sit back and enjoy your very wise long-term investment.

Call, or visit to order your Cumaru deck tiles today!

Can You Install Advantage Deck Tiles™ Over Concrete? Yes!


Do you have an ugly, old concrete patio and have no idea what to do with it? You’re not alone; many people have had this same exact problem. How did they resolve their gross, gray problem? The answer is Advantage Deck Tiles!

Advantage Deck Tiles™ are the simplest way to transform your boring outdoor space into a blissful retreat. Installing deck tiles over concrete is easier than putting together a child’s puzzle. Watch this video to see how truly quick and easy the installation process is. Continue reading

It’s Decktober! Save Now on Deck Tiles, Ipe & Cumaru

Decktober Decking Sale
In the spirit of Fall, we’ve dropped the prices on some of our most popular decking products:

  • 24×24 Advantage Ipe Deck Tiles (Smooth)
  • 20×20 Advantage Ipe Deck Tiles (Smooth)
  • 20×20 Advantage Ipe Deck Tiles (Anti-Slip)
  • 1×6 Plus® Advantage Ipe*
  • 5/4×6 Advantage Ipe*
  • 1×6 Plus® Advantage Cumaru*
  • 5/4×6 Advantage Cumaru*

So, if you’ve been looking for a reason to start building or renovating a deck or patio, this is it! Remember, premium grade materials, low shipping costs, and expert customer service is just some of the benefits you receive from buying from us. That’s the Advantage Difference.

To get your free quote, please call 1-877-232-3915, or visit our decking sale page.

*Lower pricing special INCLUDES pregrooved, tongue & groove, shiplap and rainscreen siding profiles.

Why Advantage Deck Tiles™ are Perfect for DIY Remodeling

Looking for a fall project that will create a beautiful outdoor patio while involving the whole family? Our Advantage Deck Tiles™ are the best solution to give life to boring, gray, aging concrete without having to spend enormous amounts of time installing it. This homeowner and architect used our Advantage Deck Tiles™ in his back yard to complete the look of his outdoor patio and stylish pool.

This pool's sleek modern look is contrasted nicely by the natural look of Advantage Deck Tiles™.

This pool’s sleek modern look is contrasted nicely by the natural look of Advantage Deck Tiles™.

The Advantage Deck Tiles™ are solidly built to last a lifetime. Each one of these tiles are predrilled to accommodate the DeckWise™ Deck Tile Connectors, which fits perfectly and provides the exact gap needed for drainage and airflow. There is no fuss, no person to hire, and no huge mess to clean up. The deck tiles are designed for a fun and enjoyable construction.

Watch this video above and find out for yourself why homeowners and professionals enjoy our Advantage Deck Tiles™.