Deck Safety Month: Why Inspecting Your Deck Each Year is Essential

NADRA checklist

May is recognized as Deck Safety Month, a critical reminder for homeowners to inspect and maintain their outdoor decks. With the weather warming up and more activities shifting outdoors, ensuring the safety of your deck is not just a precaution—it’s a necessity. In this post, we’ll explore why annual deck inspections are crucial, provide some …

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Safety Month – Week 4: Should you look at your deck’s furniture & décor?

The last week of Deck Safety Month is here, which means it’s time to address an aspect of deck inspection that’s often overlooked: the furniture and décor.

Though these objects may seem trivial, they are used by your friends and family every day, so it’s important to make sure they are well-maintained.

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Safety Month – Week 3: How To Inspect Your Deck Boards

It’s important to inspect your deck boards. Not only do they form the surface upon which your guests will walk, they are also out in the open, vulnerable to all weather effects. Although deck boards themselves don’t cause a deck to collapse, they can create tripping hazards or weak places where someone could fall through.

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Safety Month – Week 1: How To Inspect Your Deck’s Understructure

So, you’re planning on rejuvenating your deck for the summer? Before you start making your deck beautiful again, take time to make sure it’s safe. Your number one concern should be providing a structurally sound surface for your friends and family.

Always follow local building codes when inspecting your deck and use proper safety gear to protect yourself.

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Deck Safety Month: Get Weekly Safety Tips

May is Deck Safety Month, making it the perfect time to fix up your deck. Getting started now will give you enough time to finish projects before the summer parties hit.

Safety is a vital aspect of your deck. After the winter snow and the spring rain, your deck needs to be inspected for out-of-place or broken components. Doing this now rather than later will give you ample time to order new material and fix any problems.

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