Deck Safety Month: Get Weekly Safety Tips

May is Deck Safety Month, making it the perfect time to fix up your deck. Getting started now will give you enough time to finish projects before the summer parties hit.

Safety is a vital aspect of your deck. After the winter snow and the spring rain, your deck needs to be inspected for out-of-place or broken components. Doing this now rather than later will give you ample time to order new material and fix any problems.

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Deck Inspection: Posts and Footings are the Foundation of Your Deck

Inspecting deck posts and footings.
This is one of the most important elements of your deck. Make sure it’s installed correctly.

Deck posts are an extremely important part of your deck. So, it should be obvious that ensuring they stay in good condition and a part of any routine deck inspection is critical.

A deck is built for load to be evenly distributed throughout the entire surface area. This suggests the ledger board and posts will have an equal load. This assumption is wrong in most cases. If you plan to entertain on your deck, your guests will have a tendency to hang out at the end of the deck where the railings are; thereby increasing the load on the posts and not the ledger board.

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