How To Build a Deck Over Concrete

Building a deck over a concrete patio strikes many as a great way to revitalize their backyard. Cover up that old, dirty, cracked concrete slab with the rich, natural beauty of wood; a perfect solution!

And it can be…but the reality is that installing a deck over concrete is usually a bad idea.

Deck Problems Caused by Concrete

One of the most important components of a successful decking project is moisture control. The wood must be allowed to dry thoroughly and evenly whenever it rains. Otherwise, you’ll end up with warped and cupped boards.

That’s why we always recommend building your deck at least 18″ above a slope. The extra space allows air to flow through and dry out the bottom of your deck, while the slope prevents standing water from creating a damp atmosphere.

Concrete slabs tend to retain heat and moisture, which works against these goals. Additionally, decks over concrete patios are, by necessity, built low to the ground, or even directly on top of the concrete. This restricts the required air flow and causes the deck boards to twist and cup.

There is one other danger involved with building a deck over concrete. Many homeowners want to cover up a cracked slab, but a cracked slab might be a symptom of a deeper problem. Once you’ve built your deck, the cracks may get worse, the slab may continue to move, and eventually your deck could become unstable.

The Right Way to Build a Wood Deck over Concrete

Deck Tiles Installed over Concrete

There is a solution to these problems! Wood deck tiles feature a solid construction that is designed to prevent moisture-related deformation. Because of this, they can be installed directly on top of a concrete patio without any worries! And deck tiles are a breeze to install; you can finish the whole project in less than a day!

PVC Decking Over Concrete

If you want a traditional deck plank look, you can use PVC deck boards. We recommend using TimberTech Advanced PVC Decking.

TimberTech Vintage Mahogany Porch
TimberTech Porch Decking

A decking product that is made out of 100 percent PVC is impervious to water and moisture issues and can be placed closer to a concrete slab than traditional wood deck boards.

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