What Else Can You Make With Wood Slabs?

Live-Edge Wood Slabs are beautiful pieces that give us a glimpse inside the complicated beauty of trees. Think of a live-edge wood slab as a CAT scan where you can see the different layers the tree is made of, from bark to heartwood. While the common inclination is to create tables out of them, there are other ways to utilize their unique beauty.

  • Using a slab as a decorative piece on a wall will make your home as unique as it can be. Showcasing a beautiful slab is uncommon, but when it’s done it leaves a lot of guests and homeowners in awe of its artistic natural beauty.
  • Using sections of slabs as trim and molding is seldom seen, but when done properly it creates something that’s one-of-a-kind. It accentuates both your walls and floors in a simple but elegant way.
  • You can use slabs in any flat application. Consider using a slab for shelving, as a headboard, or base for hanging ceiling lights. The key is to maintain as much surface area as possible because that’s where a slab’s beauty lies.

If your heart is set on creating a table or tabletop out of a live-edge wood slab, don’t hesitate. It will reward you every time you sit down for a meal. But if you feel the need to explore different concepts, we hope that our ideas have given you inspiration for future projects!

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  1. I am looking for short cut offs of hardwoods to build band saw boxes and chess boards.
    Preferable 8/4. Hope you can help. Great web site.

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