Brazilian Hardwood Slabs

After much anticipation, our slabs of Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba) and Tigerwood have arrived in our factory. These slabs allow the characteristics of the tree to stand out, showing every layer from the bark to the heartwood. They are perfect for making furniture, table tops, or counters, and will create a natural, elegant atmosphere wherever the finished piece is placed.

A beautiful Tigerwood slab showcasing its famous black stripes.


We have a wide selection of slabs that arrived from Brazil to fit your project’s needs. Our slabs come in a variety of sizes, from wide to narrower, and from gorgeous streaks to beautiful live edges. Each one of our slabs is one of a kind to meet or exceed your expectations.

Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry) slabs have live edges featuring all parts of the tree.
Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry) slabs have live edges featuring all parts of the tree.

Our slabs are kiln dried in our factory, giving them the proper moisture content for indoor use. The hardness of these woods is sure to provide a durable surface, while their beauty will make for an eye-catching piece. Just think of all the beautiful things you can craft from these slabs! Call us at 1-877-232-3915 or send us an e-mail for a free quote.

8 thoughts on “Brazilian Hardwood Slabs”

  1. I’m interested in a wood countertop in Brazilian hardwood . Cherry or Walnut.
    My dims are 106″ long and 25″ wide. Let me know what thickness you have. Also prices and shipping to the Hartford Ct area.

  2. Hello,

    I would like a quote on a 30″ by 48″ slab of tigerwood. I am flexible on the dimension by a couple of inches on either length and/or width. I am located in San Diego.



  3. Hello Dean,

    I will forward your request to one of our sales people and they will send you an estimate to your email.

    Thank you for your interest Dean,

  4. I have an IPE deck and have been in process of building a elevated built in BBQ and was gonna use stone or concrete. I’m interested if maybe a slab could be used. It would have to be approx. 4’x8′. Also could you have a BBQ next to hit regarding heat and wood? Interesting idea for me…any info would be great.

  5. Hello Christine,

    I will forward your request to one of my salesmen. I have removed your phone number from your request for privacy reasons. However, I will provide it to my sales person should they need to contact you. He may also contact you through e-mail, the one provided to submit your comment.

    Thank you for your interest Christine,

  6. Hi,

    I’m building a table that will be outdoors. Although it’ll be under a pergola it will still get rained on. UV exposure will be minimal to nonexistent . My dimensions are roughly 40″ wide X 10′ long X 2″ thick, but I can play with that. Can you recommend a wood and provide me a quote please?

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