7 Reasons to Buy Wood Decking

Hard wood decking
Genuine wood decking produces spectacular structures you can depend on.

Wood decking is the best material to use for garden and outdoor decks. Period. Case closed…

Not buying it, are you? Are you still thinking that composite decking is a viable and better choice? After all, it IS “eco-friendly” and “maintenance free”, right? What makes wood decking any better?

Here are 10 Reasons why Wood Decking species like Tigerwood, Cumaru, Garapa and Ipe are better choices for your deck:

  1. Why settle for the “look of real wood” when you can get the real thing? Nothing beats the feeling of knowing that your real wood deck is 100% genuine. Most species have such a distinct look that you now see composites coming out with “tropical looking” decks. If you wanted to buy a Mercedes and the dealer showed you something that looked like a Mercedes, would you buy the imitation? Probably not.
  2. A better overall value.

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5 Simple Ways to Save When You Buy Decking

How to Buy Wood Decking
The research this homeowner did prior to buying Ipe has paid off.

It’s almost Summer and thousands of homeowners across the country are getting ready to start working on their deck. Some will be remodeling and many will be building a deck for the first time. But, before hammer goes to nail, the question you must answer is, “What kind of material is best for decking?”

Should you go with real wood decking, or composite “wood” decking? Regular readers of this blog already know the limitations and problems that plague composite deck materials. Let’s face it; if plastic decking were so good, wood decking would be obsolete. But, because of the documented issues that both composite and PVC decking face, many people are opting for real wood deck materials.

So, let’s say that you chose to buy wood decking. What material should you choose, and what pitfalls are to be avoided when buying decking?

Here are 5 Ways to Save Money When You Buy Decking:

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5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy A Home with a Deck

Are you in the market for a home and coming across properties that have a deck previously installed? Don’t be shy about asking these questions. You will save yourself valuable time, money, and future headaches. You also give the current owner a chance to explain the history of the deck. After all, you wouldn’t dream …

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Wood Decking Options – Tigerwood

Covered Porch made with Tigerwood
This Tigerwood porch is a sunroom that can be enjoyed all year round.

This post is all about why Tigerwood should be on your short list of wood decking options.

We talk a lot about composite decking, and ipe on this blog. With good reason, both of those decking materials are known to most people and contractors alike.

But, is that all there is? Absolutely not.

In fact, Tigerwood is one  species that a lot of contractors like better than BOTH of those materials.


Here are some benefits that explain why  Tigerwood is preferred choice among builders and contractors:

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A New Deck Can Help Sell Your Home

Building Cumaru Deck
This homeowner sold their home after their installed a Cumaru deck.

In this housing market, many people are looking to sell their primary, second, or vacation home. Many times, the seller will renovate, or upgrade certain aspects of their home to make their home more attractive to prospective buyers. However, the trap that many people fall into is that, when it comes to comparing homes by neighborhood, a new floor, or upgraded bathrooms don’t expand, or enhance the living space.

Many times, a buyer’s agent might not even highlight your new counter tops, or appliances. To them, those things have always been there. And, if your home is in a newer area, you’re competing against homes that have roughly the same square footage and amenities.

This leaves exterior renovations. Obviously, the one we would recommend would be a deck. There are some very practical reasons why building a deck to help sell your home might be a very prudent and wise decision:

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Ipe Deck Boards Up To 20 Feet In Stock!

At AdvantageLumber.com we carry Tigerwood, Cumaru, Garapa, Massaranduba, and Ipe deck boards up to a length of 20 feet! What is the advantage of buying 20 foot deck boards? We carry this length of deck board so that extremely large decks, or decks that are designed diagonally can be installed without having to worry about …

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Pressure Treated Decking – An Ugly Closeup

Take a look at the picture above. Gross, isn’t it? That picture is of the old pressure treated decking you can get at the big box stores. The worst part? This picture was taken on a boardwalk that many children and people walk on each and every day. Basically, it’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. …

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