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3 Easy Steps To Maintain Your Deck in Fall

Fall has arrived and winter is knocking at the door. A lot of times we shut the doors and focus on what are we going to do in order to stay warm and cozy and don’t even think about our outdoor spaces.

Believe it or not, this time is very crucial in the maintenance of your deck especially if you want it to continue looking beautiful for those warmer spring and summer months. It’s pivotal that you sweep off dead leaves and wash down your deck from time to time. Leaves that are left on the deck can wind up in between each deck board. This can then continue to accumulate and develop into a serious drainage problem when the snow begins to pile on or the rain starts to pour. How bad of a drainage problem? Water can begin to collect on the surface of the board, and with nowhere to go, can lead to the cupping and warping of your deck boards.
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Tifft Street Pier in Buffalo, NY

Buffalo has been generating a lot of buzz surrounding new public works that have been revitalizing the historical industrial districts for the public. The Tifft Street Pier and boardwalk is one of the projects that has been recently completed, and is now open to the public to enjoy. The beautiful Tifft Pier has a floating dock that allows pedestrians to experience being surrounded on all 4 sides by water from Lake Erie. There are benches, and also accommodations for fishing.

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Thinking of Exotic Hardwoods for Your Project? Here’s What to Expect

Wood is one the most beautiful and environmentally friendly products in the world. It comes in a variety of colors, textures, patterns, grain, and much more. It is a natural material that can’t be duplicated and sometimes it may be hard to envision exactly what will arrive at your doorstep after you place an order.

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Buyer Beware! You Get What You Pay For!



When companies use terms like “buyer beware” and “you get what you pay for,” you begin to tune it out because you hear it so much. Unfortunately, every once in a while these clichés are the only way to describe a situation. We recently had a homeowner reach out to us after he purchased some ipe decking, and the saying holds true. You get what you pay for.

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Demand for Tropical Hardwood is Projected to Rise

According to industry analysts, the residential market for tropical hardwood decking will account for the vast majority of a 7.0 percent growth in imported hardwoods. More homeowners are selecting tropical hardwoods such as such as Ipe, Tigerwood, Cumaru, Garapa and Massaranduba because of their long term durability, fungal and insect resistance, and imperviousness to damage caused by moisture. They also value the fact that decks made from tropical lumber require much less maintenance than other wood types.

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Common Ipe Decking Problems

What to Expect When Working with Ipe

No material comes without its share of challenges, and Ipe is no exception. This includes drilling, cutting, and price. Addressing these problems individually will help you understand why they arise and how you can solve them

Predrilling is an important step when it comes to fastening hardwoods.

Predrilling is an important step when it comes to fastening hardwoods.

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Ipe vs Pressure Treated Pine: A Knock Out

When you see these two materials side by side, it's obvious which one is superior.

When you see these two materials side by side, it’s obvious which one is superior.

Doing a full comparison between Ipe and Pressure Treated Pine for decking is like comparing Kobe beef and a McDonald’s beef patty. Pressure treated pine works well as the frame of your decking but not as the decking itself. Pressure treated pine lasts only for about 5-10 years and must be constantly stained and finished. Ipe on the other hand, is an all-natural wood, proven to last over 75 years without any chemical treatment. The Coney Island boardwalk was in service since the 1940s! Boards from that landmark boardwalk have been reclaimed and reused for many applications from patio furniture to indoor flooring.

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