Is Ipe Wood Decking Good for Utility Trailers

Most utility trailers with a wood deck come with pressure treated pine because its the cheapest option

Trailer deck with pressure treated pine decking showing signs of rot

The problem with pressure treated pine on a trailer deck is after several years the deck will show signs of wear and tear as well as rot and decay.

You can maintain the topside of the trailer deck but most people can not get access underneath the trailer deck.

This leaves the underside of the deck untreated which leads to faster rot and decay since it will not see sunlight and it stays wet longer.

Best Wood for Trailer Decking

The best wood for exterior use including trailers is Ipe wood hand down.

Ipe wood has proven to last up to 75 years on many commercial applications such as the Coney Island boardwalk.

It’s one of the densest and hardest woods available. In fact it’s over 3 times harder than teak.

Ipe Wood Deck Boards

Ipe wood is a premium though and used very often for beautiful decks, boat docks and other outdoor projects where you want a beautiful wood that’ll last a very long time.

You are going to pay more for Ipe wood though so if cost is a factor we would recommend Apitong trailer decking.

Apitong will give you a significant cost savings opposed to using Ipe wood and has very similar durability against rot as well as the wear and tear.

Apitong Trailer Decking Installed on a Flatbed Trailer

Our Apitong is actually Brazilian Apitong which comes from Brazil and it’s almost 3 times harder than traditional Apitong that comes from Southeast Asia.

Our Apitong trailer decking will hold up to many years of wear and tear without worrying about rot and decay like traditional wood used on trailer decks.

Visit our trailer decking webpage to get our current Apitong trailer decking price.

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