Best Wood for a Horizontal Fence

Are you looking for the best wood for a new horizontal fence?

Horizontal Cumaru Fence

Certain woods will require more maintenance than others and can be susceptible to rot, decay and insect attack.

The woods that are commonly prone to those issues are softwoods such as pressure treated pine, cedar and even redwood.

There are certain hardwood species however that are more durable than teak and cheaper.

The top species of wood that we recommend for a horizontal fence are:

  • Ipe
  • Cumaru
  • Tigerwood
  • Garapa
  • Massaranduba

These woods excel in harsh climates such as the hot Florida sun, the dry Arizona desert as well as cold and snowy Buffalo, NY. Woods such as Ipe have been proven to last 75+ years on commercial applications such as the Coney Island boardwalk.

These woods are also naturally resistant to rot, decay, fungi and wood boring insects can not chew through them. In addition they are low maintenance and incredibly beautiful.

Building a horizontal fence from one of these beautiful species of wood will have your friends and neighbors admiring your new fence for years.

Take a look at many of these beautiful horizontal fences our customers have built with some of our wood:

Horizontal Fences

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9 thoughts on “Best Wood for a Horizontal Fence

  1. Bree Ward

    Thanks for recommending cumaru and garapa as two of the choice for durable horizontal fences. It’s a good thing that you describe the ways on how they function when they reused as a fence. My mother plans to change our fence to horizontal wooden fencing. I will recommend her those type of wood that I’ve mentioned above. I will also help her find a credible fencing contractor in town.

  2. Bandula Gunawardena

    • Ipe, Cumaru,Tigerwood,GarapSri a,Massaranduba
    Are there any timber selling agents in Sri lanka.

  3. K. Nezz

    Is there a wood that is less susceptible to color change under age and sunlight? I’ve read that Ipe turns a grey color over time. I’m looking to keep brown color.


  4. Mr. Ipe Hardwood

    All wood eventually turns gray in sunlight. Applying an oil finish every year will preserve the brown color.

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