Make Your Deck Unique With Design

Since it’s fall and we’re positive you headed our advice and decided to build a deck now, let’s take a look at how deck design can be the number one way to personalize your deck.

Deck design is probably the last thing people think about when it comes to uniqueness. Most people just replace their current deck, or want all 15’ boards because their deck will be 15’ wide. The traditional design could be a result of a need to install a deck quickly and easily, or just because it’s what everyone else has.

Prior to even beginning to price out your deck, taking into consideration a specific pattern will be extremely helpful as the quantity of decking will change. If you don’t know exactly how much more you’ll need, just call us and one of our friendly sales people can help!

Patterns for your deck can range from the complex to the simplest.

  • Diagonal Pattern: On the level of difficulty, this is probably the easiest. This pattern is just as simple as it sounds. All there is to do is to lay down your deck boards in a 45 degree diagonal pattern to bring a different look to your deck.


  • Chevron Pattern: This pattern is where two 45 degree angle connect and the shape they create is an arrow point. This pattern is a more challenging and might require joist spacing to be changed from the traditional 16” on center. This pattern brings elegance to the deck but requires more cuts for boards to line up correctly


  • Herringbone Pattern: The herringbone pattern is very similar in overall positioning of the boards but it doesn’t require the ends of boards to be cut where they meet. This pattern will affect how boards are anchored to the joists but the result is something that not most people have in their deck


These designs pattern are only the tip of the iceberg, there’s countless more that can be made and will add personal touches to your outdoors. Sometimes patterns add cost but if you use a variety of short pieces and/or widths, many of our short length discounts will make it equal to regular decking in price or less expensive.

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  1. I am looking to design a new street frontage with the tiger wood siding. My existing gates are clear redwood vertical slats and I need to design a new garage doors to match.
    Thank you for your assistance
    Marshall King

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