Deck Design of the Week – Ipe Used in NYC’s High Line Park

Deck Design of the Week

New York City High Line Park

New York City is constantly evolving. From the people to the architecture, New Yorkers are used to the constant changes that take place. As any New Yorker knows, there are a lot of places that can make the city seem brand new. One such place is the newly opened High Line Park. If there’s anything that New Yorkers know how to do is how to turn something ugly into something fun, exciting, and invigorating. The fact that people actually thought of turning an abandoned transit line into a park is nothing short of genius.

Below is a news report which will give you a walk through and explanation of the history and future of the NYC High Line Park. Why would I decide to highlight this park instead of a regular old deck? Well, for the past couple of days I’ve been looking to highlight commercial or very unique ways that people use ipe wood and ipe decking.

And, if you visit the area you’ll see that the designers of the NYC High Line Park used ipe for the benches, lounges, as well as a wonderful amphitheater.

Project managers who are interested in building with this material can count on Advantage. The ipe decking we sell comes from managed forests that use sustainable forestry practices. While there are other companies that try to say that their decking is eco-friendly, they don’t have the history and commitment to the environment that we do. For every tree that we use, we plant five more. We are also members of the United States Green Building Council as well as the Forest Stewardship Council. Simply put, we don’t just sell eco-friendly wood such as certified FSC Ipe, we actually practice what we preach.

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