Wholesale Decking is Available

Ipe decking is such a reliable, durable, and YES, renewable wood material that it is gaining increased notoriety throughout the world. In the United States, this exotic hardwood is being used in a variety of commercial applications. Local cities and municipalities that need commercial decking are even starting to use ipe in eco-friendly parks and bridges. In doing research I have found architects using ipe for both siding and sunscreens.

From hotels, to resorts, to restaurants, to office buildings, there are many commercial decking options available. By far, the one clear cut favorite among architects, designers, and business owners is ipe decking and Brazilian walnut flooring. The main reason for this is because commercial ipe can be both cultivated and harvested from environmentally safe and sound forestry practices. At AdvantageLumber.com, offer wholesale decking and are constantly shipping eco-friendly ipe to commercial building projects throughout the United States.

Commercial Decking

With green building gaining increasing popularity, we want to be sure that any commercial project purchased ipe lines that are legit. The ipe lumber that we sell at Advantage is cultivated and harvested from renewable and sustainable forestry practices. What does this mean? For every tree that is harvested, we plant five more. This policy ensures that the forest remains bountiful and healthy for generations to come.

While there are companies out there that dupe consumers into buying their ipe just because they slap the word eco-friendly on top of it, you don’t have to worry about that with our ipe inventory.

We are members of both the Forest Stewardship Council as well as the United States Green Building Council. In fact, we spell out our environmental policy on our website because we believe that in order to be a good steward of the earth, you must give back what you take.

So, if you need a container of ipe decking, or FSC ipe, or some other type of FSC certified wood, you can count on us. Also, if you’re trying to gain LEED certification, we’ll also get you a copy of our FSC certification.

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