Is building a deck with short lengths worth it?

Short lengths or long lengths? This question has been debated as long as decks have been around, and with good reason. Both types of decking have their merits and faults, but while long length decking has enjoyed mainstream acceptance, short length decking has a lack of advocates.

Why should you choose to opt for short length decking?

Short length decking has an inherit stability property that long length does not. The shorter, narrower, and thicker an object is, the less prone it is to movement. By opting to use a shorter board you are minimizing the propensity of your deck board’s movement.

Another added benefit of short length decking is looks. Now more than ever, people want to translate the beauty of the indoor hardwood flooring to their outdoors. Traditional decks have long length boards ranging from 12’ – 20’ feet, while hardwood flooring has at most, 7 feet lengths. Using shorter lengths gives your deck the interior hardwood look you seek and providing a more interesting surface!

Using shorter lengths is cost efficient. Since most deck builders love to utilize long length boards, shorter lengths pile up in stock and have a significantly reduced price to entice potential buyers. Taking advantage of such boards can save you up to 30%.

Utilizing short decking can have multiple benefits while saving you money on your deck. If you are considering this as an option check out our short length sale, give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be more than happy to give you a quote.

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