E4E S4S Ipe Decking Takes Your Deck Design to the Next Level!

You can buy E4E S4S Ipe decking to create the most unique deck in your neighborhood!

You can buy E4E S4S Ipe decking to create the most unique deck in your neighborhood!

One of the great things here at Advantage Trim and Lumber is hearing about the customers who are elated with their decks. Many people actually come way under budget when they buy ipe decking from us. It’s not uncommon that, during the conversation with our hardwood experts, homeowners decide to ratchet up their overall design on the spot!

Our inventory of regular, or Eased 4 Edges / Surface 4 Sides (E4E / S4S) ipe decking is available if you want to build some deck additions. For instance, many customers who buy pre-grooved ipe decking end up having enough money to purchase enough E4E S4S ipe deck boards to build any of the following structures and addons:

  • Ipe benches
  • Ipe planter boxes
  • Lattices
  • Outdoor kitchen cabinetry
  • Outdoor furniture (chairs, tables, etc.)

Looking at the pic above, you can tell that the owners of this home, really went out of their way to make their new deck have the appeal of a sunroom, without the windows.

When you see how much money you’ll save with Advantage, your surplus can be used to take your deck design to the next level. Check out the selection of E4E S4S ipe wood that’s currently on sale! We have varying lengths available via our Overstock Sale for a limited time only. Call now for more information.

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