Need Help Designing An Ipe Deck? Call Us!

At Advantage, we do more than just sell ipe decking. We help homeowners who buy ipe from us with their deck designs.

No matter the size or scope of your deck design plans, we'll help make sure your new deck is as strong and as durable as it can be.

No matter the size or scope of your deck design plans, we'll help make sure your new ipe deck installation has the best materials.

When you send us your CAD design specs, you’ll get paired with a personal consultant.  Whether your joist spacing is off by a couple of inches, or if your choice of framing is inadequate, we’ll do our best to ensure that your new ipe deck is as strong as it can possibly be.

We’ll also make sure that you save as much money as possible with your order. Based on your deck design specs that you send us, we’ll ensure that you get just right amount of ipe wood so that you don’t have to come back to us to order more deck boards.

Why do we do this?

It’s simple: we take pride in the product we sell. We want every deck that features our premium grade ipe decking to be the best deck in the neighborhood! Hopefully, when your ipe deck is complete and people ask, “Where did you get such awesome decking material?” You’ll beam with pride and tell them that “Advantage Trim & Lumber Company. They even helped me save money doing it!”

If you send us pictures of your ipe deck, I’ll feature it on this blog!

Contact Advantage Trim & Lumber today to buy ipe decking & get expert guidance on your deck design!

How to Order Ipe from Advantage Trim & Lumber Co.

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2 thoughts on “Need Help Designing An Ipe Deck? Call Us!

  1. Philip Mallonee

    This entry is over 10 years old. Does the offer of pre-sales consultation on deck design still apply?

    CAD probably isn’t typically a tool homeowners have and use well. What kind of drawing files do you work with?

  2. Mr. Ipe Hardwood Post author

    Yes, our sales reps will go over your design with you and make suggestions. We’ll try our best to work with whatever you give us, whether that’s a hand-drawn sketch or even just a verbal description!

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