Sharing Our Customers’ Experience

As a company, we always strive to provide you with material of the highest quality. As customer service professionals, we aim to take care of each and every one of our customers as individuals, making sure you’re satisfied with the look and feel of your project while giving you the one-on-one interaction that many online businesses just don’t have.  As a bonus, we’re also here to help you with every step of your project from start to finish.

It’s because of these commitments as a company, and as individuals, that we are grateful when we hear positive feedback from you. Here are just a few of our recent customers that have been satisfied with our high quality building material and / or their customer service experience with us:

Jim Maniatas

“Dear Mr. Pelc,

I seldom take the time to write companies just because they do what they claim and give me what I paid for, but I had to make the exception for your company. Recently I installed your 20X20 IPE wood tiles on my 400+ square foot rooftop terrace and I could not be happier. The finished product looks even better than your brochure or even what I had hoped. The installation was made extremely easy with the spacers and the fact that your product was cut and drilled to specification. The salesman Nathan Kong was very knowledgeable and especially helpful and assisted me throughout the whole process (from estimates, purchasing, delivery and even installation). I cannot say enough about his professionalism and follow through.

I also want to compliment you on your delivery company, ABF they represented your company very well, with on time delivery and a driver that went over and above his job duties getting the product as close to the work site as possible. Lastly, I am 67 years old and installed the deck myself in one day, with the help of your instruction videos and your staff it was just as advertised. The result is an unbelievably beautiful rooftop terrace that has exceeded all my expectations.

Thank you for being what you claimed; in this day and age it is greatly appreciated. I am the first resident in this townhome community and assure you, I will be singing your companies praises to the new neighbors as they move in. Thank you again.”

Third Space Builders, LLC:

“Advantage Lumber has provided us with high quality decking materials that we have used on numerous projects. We would recommend Advantage Lumber to any remodeler looking to seek and expand their selection of decking for any exterior project(s).”

Donald Rowe (transcription from Voicemail):

“Good afternoon Maggie, this is Donald Rowe Calling from Drayton, SC. We got that Tigerwood decking from you I know you get lots of calls, and you’re not getting a call for complaint (not that you ever would) because I’m telling you I’ve worked with a lot of companies ordering different things but your company was the best to work with.

You made it so easy. You were so thorough. You did such a good job. I had everything I needed, the materials were more than we hoped for….It looks gorgeous and we’re more than pleased. Everybody I show it to, I tell them about you people and I’ve never worked with a company as good…Once again I thank you and I thank everybody there. You couldn’t have taken care of anybody any nicer than how we were treated.”

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