How to Maintain Your Hardwood Deck

Every piece of lumber is unique. No one tree is the same. Every board in your deck is going to have different characteristics. Once installed, you want to give your deck the proper maintenance it needs to increase its lifetime and your overall enjoyment. Be rest assured, even though a deck made of Brazilian hardwoods is proven to outlast and outperform softer materials, giving it a little attention once in a while is a good thing (After all, even a Lamborghini needs its oil changed and tires rotated!) Here are some guidelines to follow to maintain the lifetime and beauty of your hardwood deck.

Want to Maintain the Color of Your Deck? It’s Easier than You Think!

There are two kinds of deck owners; those who gladly let their boards weather naturally and those who like to keep the original look and color. The reason why you can choose either is because our Brazilian hardwood does not require constant stripping or sanding.  Having said this, it is highly recommended to apply a coat of Ipe Oil™ or similar UV protection finish specially formulated for hardwoods right after installation. This process will help seal all of the natural oils in the wood which helps maintain a lot of its physical properties. After this, it is up to you to let it weather or to maintain its color. Remember, each board may weather differently depending on the amount of sunlight, temperature, moisture and any other changes in climate.

If you chose to weather your deck to a beautiful silver patina but have changed your mind, you can revive the beautiful original beauty it had when it first arrived at your door.  Silvering of the wood is a result of the sun’s UV rays deteriorating the color until turns silver. Unlike softer woods, the density of our Brazilian hardwoods only allows the rays to remove the color form the top surface. Use a cleaner to remove any dirt and oil that may still be present and prepare your decking for the brightener. The brightener will bright the shine of your wood back as well as restoring the pH balance that’s needed for wood to remain stable. Finally, applying a hardwood finish like Ipe Oil™ will seal and create a beautiful finish like the first day after you installed it.

Simple Deck Cleaning Tips You Want to Know

Cleaning your Brazilian hardwood deck isn’t magic, all it takes is some regular sweeping with the right supplies. You want to give a full proper cleaning to your deck twice a year while practicing regular cleaning during the rest of the year. Use a broom to remove all the loose leafs and dirt off your deck. If there is trash or old foliage in between the deck boards, make sure to remove it. Debris in these areas can cause problems on any surface.  Once the sweeping is done, and you still have noticeable areas where dirt has collected, use water, a brush and mild dish soap to clean the deck. For stubborn stains that can’t be removed with regular cleaning, you can always do a deep cleaning with a specially formulated cleaner for wood.

Pressure washing your deck takes time and care. Make sure to use a fan tip and the correct settings to not damage the wood. A setting of 1000 PSI can be used safely on our premium Ipe decking. Don’t forget to make sure distance is also important. So make sure to test the pressure in an inconspicuous area before beginning to pressure wash the entire deck.

A Peek Under the Hood Will Do Your Deck A Ton of Good

During your routine it’s always a good idea to do a quick inspection in key areas of your deck. Walk around your deck and look for any loose or corroded fasteners. If any are found, replace immediately. Under your deck, look at the fasteners in crucial connection areas like the ledger board, joist and the hangers, and the posts connections. These areas must be dry, free of water and each fastener must be in good condition without any rust present. If there are any signs of deterioration, replace the damaged parts immediately.


Following these simple rules will help extend the lifetime of your deck and ensure that everyone can enjoy it safely for years to come. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comment section below!

12 thoughts on “How to Maintain Your Hardwood Deck”

  1. I have the Cumaru tiles in my shower and I love them. What would I need to do to make sure they last?

  2. Hi Tommy,

    Is your shower indoors or outdoors? If its an outdoor shower, the tiles shouldn’t be accumulating a lot of dirt so rinsing it once in a while will work. If you see the wood start turning dull in color, use a cleaner and brightener like the DeckWise or Messmer’s brand and apply a coat of Ipe Oil after. This will bring out the natural color of your tile once again and will maintain them for a very long time.

  3. Using DeckWise Cleaner and Brightener works well but it’s a lot of work!
    Is it possible to use these products with a pressure washer – and if so how?

  4. We would always recommend going with what the manufacturer’s application instructions are in the case of the DeckWise Cleaner and Brighterner. If you’d like to pressure wash your deck, do so with slow even strokes going with the grain of the wood to avoid raising it.

  5. I had some cumaru decking sit around for a few months in the rain before I had a chance to properly install it and some black mold formed on it. I sanded it down nicely and then sealed it with Ipe Oil. The deck is still a beautiful brown color, but I do not like the black mold showing through the oil. What product will get rid of the black mold deep in the wood?

  6. Is there another treatment other than IPE oil. We’re not happy with the finish. We live in San Diego on the side of a dusty mountain. The dust gets trodden into the oil. It looks terrible and I’ve had to wash it all back to the wood.

  7. If the dust is getting stuck in the oil while it’s drying, it’s going to get stuck in any finish while it’s drying. If it’s happening after the oil is dry, then it’s not the finish; the dust is just being pressed into the wood grain, and again is a problem you’ll face no matter what finish you use. The only way I can see to prevent this problem would be to clean the deck regularly before the dust can get packed in.

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