How to Maintain Your Hardwood Deck

Every piece of lumber is unique. No one tree is the same. Every board in your deck is going to have different characteristics. Once installed, you want to give your deck the proper maintenance it needs to increase its lifetime and your overall enjoyment. Be rest assured, even though a deck made of Brazilian hardwoods is proven to outlast and outperform softer materials, giving it a little attention once in a while is a good thing (After all, even a Lamborghini needs its oil changed and tires rotated!) Here are some guidelines to follow to maintain the lifetime and beauty of your hardwood deck.

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Ipe Decking Maintenance – How to Remove Ice & Snow from a Wood Deck

I received a great question from Bob K. (thanks, Bob!) about how to remove ice and snow from an ipe deck. This is a wonderful question not just because it’s winter, but because it’s just not a good idea to scrape ice off your deck using a snow shovel. How do you remove ice off …

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How Much Snow Can Ipe Decking Handle?

Ipe Deck and Snow Load
This hot tub and Japanese style pagoda were made of Ipe because of its high strength capabilities.

With Winter right around the corner, many people are asking us about ipe decking’s capacity for snow load.

Since no two decks are the same, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly how much snow per square feet it would take to actually distress a deck to the point of breaking. BUT, what we can say for sure is that ipe decking has been ASTM-D143 tested. Ipe wood decking has a maximum bending strength of 22,560 psi (Pounds per square inch)!  your ipe deck might even be stronger  than the frame that supports it!

Or, to put it more simply: The result of these tests reveal that ipe decking is 3 times more durable than cedar decking.

If you already own an ipe deck, you’re probably not even sweating the upcoming winter. And, for good reason. With ipe wood’s high density, tight, interlocking grain, and natural oils, it dries fast and weathers well. Also, when you follow the recommended finishing schedule, (using a deck finish product like Ipe Oil™) you can also have peace of mind knowing that your deck surface will be able to repel water even better than it already does!

When you buy ipe decking from us, you will also get premium grade ipe from the Lapacho species. What does this mean for you? Well, it’s simple:

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