Ipe vs Pressure Treated Pine: A Knock Out

When you see these two materials side by side, it's obvious which one is superior.
When you see these two materials side by side, it’s obvious which one is superior.

Doing a full comparison between Ipe and Pressure Treated Pine for decking is like comparing Kobe beef and a McDonald’s beef patty. Pressure treated pine works well as the frame of your decking but not as the decking itself. Pressure treated pine lasts only for about 5-10 years and must be constantly stained and finished. Ipe on the other hand, is an all-natural wood, proven to last over 75 years without any chemical treatment. The Coney Island boardwalk was in service since the 1940s! Boards from that landmark boardwalk have been reclaimed and reused for many applications from patio furniture to indoor flooring.

The appearance of each board is a complete contrast of each other. Pressure treated pine is usually yellow or a faint green; it has a flat appearance. Its grain is highly susceptible to developing splinters after prolonged sun exposure. Water and moisture can also enter the grain. As you can imagine, as the seasons progress from cold to hot, the freeze/thaw process will wreak havoc on softer woods like Pine. Ipe on the other hand is usually dark brown to an olive color earning it the nickname “Brazilian Walnut.” Ipe has a beautiful, tight grain running the length of the board. The dense nature of the wood keeps moisture, rot and decay out of each board.  If you decide to age your deck, Ipe will form a silver patina and it still provides the same characteristics as if it were new. Pressure treated pine on the other hand, will show its deterioration in a very short amount of time (as seen above).

Choose only the best for your deck. Settling for pressure treated pine or other softwoods will cause a headache in the future. Opt for natural, chemical-free Ipe decking to keep your family safer and create a deck that you and your family will create memories for decades to come.

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