7 Reasons to Buy Wood Decking

Hard wood decking
Genuine wood decking produces spectacular structures you can depend on.

Wood decking is the best material to use for garden and outdoor decks. Period. Case closed…

Not buying it, are you? Are you still thinking that composite decking is a viable and better choice? After all, it IS “eco-friendly” and “maintenance free”, right? What makes wood decking any better?

Here are 10 Reasons why Wood Decking species like Tigerwood, Cumaru, Garapa and Ipe are better choices for your deck:

  1. Why settle for the “look of real wood” when you can get the real thing? Nothing beats the feeling of knowing that your real wood deck is 100% genuine. Most species have such a distinct look that you now see composites coming out with “tropical looking” decks. If you wanted to buy a Mercedes and the dealer showed you something that looked like a Mercedes, would you buy the imitation? Probably not.
  2. A better overall value. When you consider the long-term maintenance and possible replacement cost of a composite deck to the performance of woods like ipe, it makes sense to go with decking that is proven. For those still on the fence and still comparing composite materials to wood decking, then take a look at the litany of complaints, lawsuits and even government recalls that plague plastic decking products. It’s clear that there are just way too many variables and potential problems that you could face…is it really worth it to take a chance and spend money on an unproven product?
  3. When it rains, it doesn’t disintegrate. Exotics like Tigerwood and Cumaru are dense materials that dry quickly and repel water. This raises the natural resistance to mold and mildew. Composite materials end up actually soaking in water which leads to internal rot and many headaches.
  4. Eco-friendly decking comes from renewable resources and sustainable forestry. Every species we offer you comes from regulated forests and are 100% LACEY Act compliant. Even the non-FSC material we sell originates from managed forests that we personally inspect throughout North and South America. These mills and managed forests are in place to ensure that the every rule and regulation is followed.
  5. The Composite Decking life cycle is not eco-friendly. Petroleum/oil turned into plastic. Plastics get recycled and fused with wood fibers to form composite decking. The more wood fibers are used the more porous the material. The more plastic is used the more artificial the look and delamination is possible. The result? Non-recyclable deck boards are tossed into landfills because a great majority of recycling facilities are ill-equipped to separate the wood fibers from the plastic. Ergo, composite decking is a recycled plastic product that can’t be recycled. When you factor in the recent oil spills and high price per barrel, it just doesn’t seem right to call composite decking eco-friendly, does it?
  6. The stuff just lasts! You can find stories online about ipe wood being REUSED close to a century after it was installed. Recently, some Coney Island boardwalk made of ipe was refurbished into upscale furniture. The toughness of exotic wood decking cannot be denied.
  7. Safety comes naturally. Have kids who like to run around barefoot? Do you have a pool near your deck? Tigerwood, Cumaru, Ipe or Garapa are scratch and sliver resistant materials that dry fast and are safe even for bare feet. Composite deck boards can be slippery, delaminate and decay to create a unsuitable surface that you have to be mindful of. Point blank, if you have to think about gingerly walking on your deck, you are using the wrong material.

Yes, you are reading this list from a wood decking supplier. So, we encourage you to do your own research. Search for composite decking lawsuits, recalls, and complaints. See the evidence for yourself.

If you have a composite decking story to share, send us pictures. Likewise, if you are an Advantage customer and want to show off your wood decking, contact us and we’ll be happy to feature your home in our Deck Design feature.

5 thoughts on “7 Reasons to Buy Wood Decking”

  1. i amresearching materials for a boat dock in central texas. any facts on ipe and other exotics used to build boat docks?
    your website has been very helpful.

  2. Lisa,

    We just emailed you a picture of an Ipe Dock constructed by one of our contractors. When you see it, it will become clear that as a docking material, ipe wood can with stand up to pretty much anything Mother Nature can throw at it. Whether it be hot, cold, humid, or dry Ipe is your best bet in terms of longevity. Personally, I feel the look is superior as well. If you would like I can have a sample pack that will have product information as well as a piece of the lumber sent out of here for you. If you would like please just let me know the physical address I can have this sent to. I hope this helps please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.

  3. We have been getting estimates to redeck and build a wider staircase for our 20′ x 30′ deck in south Mississippi. The structure is in great shape. I want a product that offers 20′ boards for the sake of aesthetics. How do I get an estimate on Ipe lumber?

  4. Diane,

    Thank you for your inquiry. I’ve forwarded your request to one of our sales staff. Be on the lookout for an email from Duane.

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