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How to Refresh Your Hardwood Deck this Spring

wood deck finish

Learn how easy it is to apply hardwood deck finish.

Shielding your deck from the sun’s UV rays is a safe and cost-effective way to extend the life of your outdoor retreat.

Spring is FINALLY here. At Advantage, one way we can tell it’s getting warmer is the influx of calls we get  from customers and general deck owners like you who are looking for a fast and affordable way to finish their deck.

Do you need a way to liven up the color AND protect your hardwood deck from ultraviolet rays without having to apply coat after coat of chemical sealers? Simply follow this step-by-step guide and you’ll extend the life and beauty of your deck:

  1. Sweep excess dirt, debris & leaves from your deck surface (make sure gaps are cleared).
  2. Pre-rinse the surface with a garden hose.
  3. Wait until the deck surface is completely dry (at least 24 hours in most areas).
  4. Using a standard 3/8″ nap paint roller, apply a specially formulated deck oil finish for hardwood decking (like Ipe Oil™).
  5. Rub in any excess or pooled liquid that remains after 5 minutes using a dry rag.
  6. Let dry completely.

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Proper Installation will Prevent Decking Problems

Installing Ipe Decking
Learn how to Prevent Problems and Future Decking Maintenance

The best way to prevent decking problems is to ensure that your deck was installed correctly in the first place.

Here are five crucial steps that will prolong the life of your deck:

1) Buy decking that is premium grade. When shopping for exotic hardwoods like ipe, it’s important to know the difference between premium/clear grade and common grade.

  • Common/Select Grade – Contains sap wood and visible knots & worm holes. Common grade also can be poorly milled (called hit and miss planing). Common grade also has a huge color variance from very light blond to almost black wood.
  • Premium/Clear – Best grade, period. All heart and no sapwood. Carefully milled material which highlights the well-blended colors with some boards showing their natural accents.

2) Use an  end sealer prior to installation. This is a critical part of decking installation and will help prevent future problems. Learn more about end grain sealer.

3) Apply deck oil. Choosing the right deck oil finish for ipe or any other hardwood decking will be prevent many problems including warping, checking, splits, and cracks.

4) Use a deck fastening system. Using hidden deck fasteners not only make your deck surface more attractive, but they also allow your new deck to expand and contract throughout the course of its life without much impediment.

5) Properly straighten bowed deck boards. Installing bowed boards, or forcing them in with flimsy tools and methods might save you some install time, but in the long run, you might also be decreasing the overall structural integrity and look of your deck. Nothing is a bigger pain that having to repair boards that get loose from the joist. Using deck tools like the Hardwood Wrench® will save you the headaches (and backaches) of having to make future repairs.

6) Don’t rush. When you take care in the installation process, you’ll find that you:

  • Get more enjoyment out of installing wood decking
  • End up with a stronger, and better looking deck
  • Gain years of personal enjoyment out of using it

If you breeze through any of these steps, or skip one of them, you might end up having to put more time and work into maintaining your deck. Ultimately, these decking products will greatly enhance the look and performance of your future deck. If you have any other questions, or would like to speak to a professional, contact us.

How to Protect A Hardwood Deck

Gorgeous Ipe deck with Garapa border in San Rafael, CA.
Gorgeous Ipe deck with Garapa border in San Rafael, CA.

We’ve had quite a few people who wanted to give their decks some much needed TLC already call us to ask, “How do I protect my wood deck?”

Protecting a hardwood deck is pretty easy, as long as you use the right deck finish. The one we recommend here at Advantage is Ipe Oil™. Hardwood decking is not a one-size-covers-all material. Hardwoods like ipe, cumaru, tigerwood, teak, and other high-density woods are famous for not taking most finishes. These woods require special products because they’re not easy to penetrate. For instance, ipe and cumaru are so dense that they naturally repel water!

However, a proven deck oil like Ipe Oil™ will protect your hardwood decking from ultraviolet rays. UV rays cause many problems including warps and cracks. Preventing these problems is important if you want to get the most out of your decking.  So, now that you know what deck oil to use for your hardwood deck…here’s how to apply it:

How to Apply Deck Oil:

  1. Sweep or wash the deck surface free of dirt and debris.
  2. Thoroughly shake/stir the can of deck oil. (For a uniform look, you can mix gallons.)
  3. To ensure adequate penetration, apply a small amount to a sample board.
  4. Use a 3/8” nap paint roller to apply the deck oil.
  5. Apply a uniform even coat. Stain the full length of the boards, keeping a wet edge. One coat is usually more than sufficient.
  6. Within 5 minutes after application, wipe up any area that has pooled and was not absorbed.
  7. Use mineral spirits to clean nap roller and any extra equipment.

Using the deck oil products will also help replenish the wood’s natural color. Note, these products are not the same a “deck stain.” They won’t change the color of your hardwood. Instead, as previously mentioned, using the right deck oil for wood decking will prolong the life and natural color of your decking.

Want to learn more about deck maintenance? Check out the Deck Maintenance section of this blog, or call us directly 1-877-232-3915.

Ipe Oil™ – The Best Deck Oil For Hardwood Decking

Ipe Oil
Introducing the best deck oil available, Ipe Oil!

Recently, the Ipe Clip® Company unveiled a new deck finish product called Ipe Oil™. This premium decking oil, finished hardwood decks made from durable, and some would say stubborn, hardwoods like ipe. Ipe Oil™ offers deck builders and homeowners who are installing an ipe deck with:

  • Superior protection from both:
    • U.V. rays
    • Water
  • A low VOC deck finish
  • Coverage of approx. 300 sq. ft.
  • Over 40% solids content
  • A low odor decking oil
  • Reduces the chances of deck boards cracking and warping
  • Aids in keeping the hardwoods like ipe looking new

If you want to finish your hardwood deck using the best deck oil, contact us today to order. That’s right, Ipe Oil works with all exotic hardwoods  including Cumaru, Tigerwood, Garapa, Meranti, Brazilian Cherry, Massaranduba, Bangkirai, Red Balau, and many more!

UPDATE 6/27/2011: As you can see below, we are getting a lot of questions about Ipe Oil™. We’re happy to answer any question you might have. Tell us how this product has helped. We’d love to see BEFORE and AFTER pictures! Upload your newly oiled hardwood deck pictures here! The best pictures will be featured in our newsletter as well as our Featured Deck Projects section!