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Is There Such Thing as a Maintenance-Free Deck?

This is probably the question asked most often by both our potential and current customers, along with the entire internet. Everyone wants a maintenance-free deck that once it’s installed, you do absolutely nothing and it’ll stay looking just like the first time you stepped on it. This popular belief was pioneered by some of the manufacturers of synthetic decking products, promising a maintenance-free, trouble-free surface that would last for years without lifting a finger. These fantastic claims resonated well because people were tired of the same Southern Yellow Pine, Cedar or Douglas Fir that would need yearly stripping, sealing and painting just to try to keep it together for a few years.
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Proper Installation will Prevent Decking Problems

Installing Ipe Decking

Learn how to Prevent Problems and Future Decking Maintenance

The best way to prevent decking problems is to ensure that your deck was installed correctly in the first place.

Here are five crucial steps that will prolong the life of your deck:

1) Buy decking that is premium grade. When shopping for exotic hardwoods like ipe, it’s important to know the difference between premium/clear grade and common grade.

  • Common/Select Grade – Contains sap wood and visible knots & worm holes. Common grade also can be poorly milled (called hit and miss planing). Common grade also has a huge color variance from very light blond to almost black wood.
  • Premium/Clear – Best grade, period. All heart and no sapwood. Carefully milled material which highlights the well-blended colors with some boards showing their natural accents. Continue reading

Ipe Decking is Perfect for Families

There are many reasons why ipe decking should be your first choice for your new family deck.

An ipe deck can be enjoyed all year round.

An ipe deck can be enjoyed all year round.

  • An ipe deck is so hard and compact that it doesn’t splinter
  • Ipe requires very little maintenance
  • Unlike pressure treated decking that has been infused with chemicals that can leech into your yard, ipe wood is all natural
  • A deck made of ipe hardwood will increase the value of your home
  • Ipe is versatile and can be the centerpiece of your outdoor living space for decades

These facts are proven by the fact that families all across the country have chosen to build their deck with ipe. If you’d like to see how this wood decking is being used, check out this article on this Cole Valley family that just finished their outdoor living area. Designed by Janet Moyer Landscaping in San Francisco, that family’s deck will provide lasting memories and wonderful times all year round. Her website has many examples of the how ipe can be used for your outdoor living area.

If you’re looking for the perfect decking material to use for your deck, patio, or covered porch, contact us today.