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Stay Warm In Fall and Winter on Your Deck With These Houzz Ideas!

Snow and cold airs are here, but when there’s a small break in between the snow fall you should still be able to go outside and enjoy your outdoors.

These are some ideas gathered from our Houzz page, which have features ranging from a fireplace to a gas powered heater, to electrical ceiling heaters. There are some pretty imaginative ways to heat up the deck and there’s a solution to fit any budget.
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Aromatic Cedar

Wood of the Month: Aromatic Cedar

Cedar wood is perhaps one of the most storied woods in history. Cedar’s amazing properties are the reason why it’s prevailed for centuries. During a recent renovation in Newport, RI the contractor needed aromatic cedar to maintain the historical accuracy of the structure. supplied him with high-quality aromatic cedar to provide the structural support needed.


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Get Ready for Decking Season with

Spring is sweeping across the country, and before long you’ll be enjoying balmy summer evenings in your backyard. Now’s the time to upgrade your outdoor living space.

Home improvement spending across the U.S. has risen dramatically. Since the 2008 financial collapse, the industry has been on a steady recovery, and Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies predicts this growth will continue through 2014. Already, home improvement spending is estimated at $144.7 billion, up from $127 billion this time last year. That kind of cash brings outdoor renovations in line with bathroom and kitchen remodeling. It seems everyone agrees: the time to build the deck of your dreams is now, and is ready to help.

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Gazebo vs. Pergola

Gazebos and pergolas have been around for hundreds of years. Both pergolas and gazebos give decks and backyards a new perspective that is pleasing to the eye and practical.

This gazebo, made out of Ipe, is a gorgeous addition to this home.

This gazebo, made out of Ipe, is a gorgeous addition to this home.

Gazebos are covered areas, usually hexagonal in shape, that offer a complete roof and closed off surroundings. Gazebos at one point were thought of as summerhouses or pavilions. Their privacy and distance from the main home allows them to have an aura of being a home away from home.

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Deck Inspections: Facts

deck inspection tips

Getting your deck inspected can prevent larger headaches in the future.

Did you know that roughly 40% of all the decks in America are deemed safe? When you add in the fact there are an estimated 40 million decks that are over 20 years old and you quickly realize becoming a statistic is a real possibility for many homes.

Just like every aspect of your home needs to be solidly and correctly built, so does your deck. Even though decks appear to be simple and straightforward structures, you should consider them to be a rooms without walls or a roof. It’s an outdoor space that needs to be planted in strong foundations.

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Southeast Gardening for the Fall – Add A Pop Of Color to Your Deck or Porch

During the fall, Florida and other Southeastern states still enjoy warmer weather than many other places in the United States. If you live in the Southeast and want to replenish the look of your front porch or back deck with some beautiful new foliage, then read on. Choosing the right plants for your garden doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Colorful, beautiful and low-maintenance landscapes are easier to acquire than you think. This list of plants will not only add burst of color to your garden, they are super easy to grow! Continue reading

Northeast Gardening – Add Some Life to Your Outdoor Deck or Patio in the Fall

The Northeast is known for its lush and bountiful foliage. All the deep greens and bright colors are striking at first sight. But you may be wondering what to grow this season. Here is a list of steadfast fall plants that will thrive in your region. These plants can be a great addition on or around your deck. If you are the type of person who loves to spend a cool morning or quiet evening outside, then add some new life to your deck, front porch, or garden with these plants:
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