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Why You Should Build Your Deck in the Fall

With summer winding down, many people think decking season has come to an end. The days get cooler and shorter, so it’s time to focus on the indoors.

Not true! It turns out the best time to build a deck is in the fall. Here’s why:

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3 Reasons To Buy Extra Decking and Not Exact Amounts

We get it, exotic hardwoods are expensive. It’s natural for you to want to save your pennies and order just the right amount of material for your deck, but this is probably one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Materials like decking aren’t made to fit exact specifications; they are crafted on-site by cutting each board to meet the dimensions of your design.  It’s these characteristics that necessitate ordering extra material just in case something happens. The extra material ordered is normally between 10% and 15% of your original amount and is referred to as “waste.”
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Why is hardwood ideal for Modern Designed Homes and Exteriors?

Sleek, sexy, contemporary, and chic are a few words used to vividly describe modern design homes and exteriors. Los Angeles and New York City are iconic cities for these new home designs. Why wouldn’t they be? New York City is the fashion mecca, and Los Angeles is known for the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Designers are constantly looking to take aura of these cities and the warm feel of a home, and incorporating them in their modern designs. Perfect blends of such qualities lie within the exotic Brazilian hardwoods, which has become the dominating feature in modern designed homes.
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Four-Inch Decking Changes a Deck’s Entire Look

Out of all the dimensions of decking, the most commonly used are boards of 6” width. This is what everyone has, and it’s what everyone looks for. However, imagine for a second that you spent a lot of money for your own unique deck only to notice that every other deck looks almost exactly the same. That realization can be a little devastating, but this is where careful planning and deck design comes into play. Using different width decking, such as 4″ and 6″ is a great way to create a unique and strong deck.
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Looking for Cost-Effective Exotic Hardwood Decking? Check Out Tigerwood

The alluring pictures of beautiful decks and other outdoor retreats have driven many homeowners to rethink and remodel their outdoor spaces in order to create the ideal escape within their own backyard. The pictures show an idyllic retreat made with beautiful, uniform wood. Typically, the woods used in the pictures resemble the look of Ipe and more often than not, it is Ipe. The bad news is that Ipe is an expensive wood but lucky for you, there are other equally beautiful alternatives like Tigerwood.
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B-Grade Decking: Is It Any Good?

Everyone wants a deck. No, not just a deck; the best-looking deck around. The common misconception is that you must spend a fortune for an exotic hardwood deck of your dreams. The reality is you can have exotic hardwoods at an affordable price. The only catch: a little more elbow grease upon install.

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