What is Pecky Cypress Wood?

Pecky Cypress on the left. The dark board on the right is Pecky Bolivian Walnut

Pecky cypress, also known as “pecky wood” or “pecky cypress wood,” is a unique and visually appealing form of cypress wood that is characterized by its distinctive pattern of natural holes and voids.

These holes and voids are caused by a fungus called Stereum taxodii, which attacks the heartwood of the cypress tree, creating small tunnels or “peck marks” throughout the wood. These peck marks give the wood its unique appearance and texture.

Cypress trees with this fungal infection are relatively rare, making pecky cypress a sought-after material for woodworkers, designers, and homeowners who appreciate its distinctive look. It is often used for ceilings, paneling, furniture, ceiling beams, and other decorative wood applications.

The wood itself is a softwood, with a light to medium brown color and a straight grain. Cypress wood is known for its durability, rot resistance, and natural insect repellent properties, making it a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. However, the peck marks in pecky cypress may compromise its structural strength, so it is typically used for aesthetic purposes rather than for load-bearing structures.

Due to its rarity, pecky cypress can be more expensive than regular cypress wood. However, its unique appearance and character often justify the higher cost for those seeking a one-of-a-kind design element.

Pecky cypress has become near impossible to source. Due to the limited availability AdvantageLumber.com has several alternatives you can consider.

Pecky Cypress Alternatives

Pecky Bolivian Walnut

Also known as Abarco, Bacu and Ceru, is a unique and beautiful hardwood that originates from Central and South America, particularly in countries like Bolivia, Brazil, and Peru.

The term “pecky” refers to the distinctive pockets or dark streaks created naturally leaving behind hollow, narrow tunnels just like pecky cypress.

Pecky Bolivian Walnut wood is known for its rich, dark brown color with attractive, lighter streaks and the unique pecky pattern. It has a fine texture and a straight to interlocked grain, making it a popular choice for ceilings, high-end furniture, cabinetry and decorative applications like wall paneling or feature walls.


What is E-Peck? It’s a proprietary process that creates the natural and desirable pecky appearance. Since pecky cypress wood was so hard to find this process gives you the desired look at an affordable cost.

E-Peck® is available in 2 species of wood, Southern Pine and Red Grandis.

The Southern Pine and Red Grandis are available in a variety of stain colors and comes end matched for easier installation and less waste.

Shop our pecky wood options online:

Pecky Bolivian Walnut

E-Peck Southern Pine

E-Peck Red Grandis

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