Wood of the Month: Cumaru (Brazilian Teak)

Cumaru, also known as Brazilian Teak, is an excellent hardwood that many have never heard of. Its botanical name is Dipteryx Odorata, and is primarily found in the Northern regions of South America. The Cumaru tree’s seeds have been used to create a vanilla extract substitute and are highly sought after. The heartwood of Cumaru is very dense and filled with silica particles making it denser and stronger than softwoods and most hardwoods . The most common use for Cumaru is in decking and outdoor furniture because of its strength, density, and lifespan.


Common teak, also known as Burmese teak, has been the forefront of hardwood decking for decades. This has driven its price up over the years. Cumaru, on the other hand, is stronger, denser, and will last longer than traditional teak. Cumaru is also a better alternative to Ipe because of its color characteristics and lower cost while maintaining nearly the same strength and lifespan.


Cumaru’s grain is pronounced giving each board a unique grain pattern that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. This hardwood is comprised of golden tan to reddish brown colors with darker grain accents. If left untreated, Cumaru will silver into a beautiful gray patina like teak on a yacht without compromising its structural integrity like other woods. These are some of the characteristics that have made Cumaru and ideal choice for hardwood flooring as well


Cumaru is a great alternative for wood workers and deck builders because of the similarities to Ipe and Teak but a much lower cost. To find out more information on Cumaru, visit us at AdvantageLumber.com or give us a call at 1-877-232-3915.

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